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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hubley-Bolivar to Defend Championship

Hubley-Bolivar to Defend Championship

The first provincial championship running up to the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship will begin on January 3rd, 2014 with defending champions Hubley-Bolivar putting their title on the line in a best of five championship in Nova Scotia. The Hubley-Bolivar team remains intact from last year’s Nationals with Devon Forbes as third; Keith Williams as second and Debbie Earle as lead. Terry Cousineau returns as the fifth.

This year Hubley- Bolivar will defend against Team Asham skipped by George Horning. Horning had moved to Nova Scotia in 2012 and competed in the National Stick Curling Championship with partner Laughie Rutt. Rutt will join Horning playing third while Steven Parfitt and Paige Fougere join Horning playing second and lead. They were previously a part of the Richard Brown team. Brown is not curling this year taking a year off. Steve Auld is the fifth for Horning.

Wheelchair Curling is eroding in Nova Scotia in the last few years in a program that once boasted eighteen players at the Lakeshore Curling Club alone. Horning and Rutt have been playing in the rec leagues, skipping their own able bodied teams.

Recent competitive experience and youth are on the side of the Hubley-Bolivar squad and are the favourites to repeat against the untested team Horning.

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