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Monday, January 20, 2014

British Open

Team Great Britain got off to a good start with two wins at the British Open on Sunday.

 The team defeated both Wales and England on day one and play Team Seamus McArdle and Team Alex Harvey today. Team Scotland finished the day 1-1. Both teams have 2 games today at 10 am and 230 pm.

British Open 2013/14 - Draw and Match Schedule 

Sunday 19th Jan 


17.00     A  Scotland  v Hopkins       B  Webster v Lenton      C  McKenzie v Finland      D  Harvey  v Northern Exiles      E  Russia v Pimblett      F  GB  v Wales 

20.15     A  Russia v Northern Exiles      B  GB  v Pimblett         C  Wales v Harvey      D  Hopkins v Finland      E  Scotland v Lenton      F   Webster v McKenzie 

Monday 20th Jan 

10.00     A  Finland v Webster      B  McKenzie v Scotland      C  Lenton v Hopkins      D  Pimblett v Wales      E  N Exiles v  GB       F  Harvey v Russia  

2.30     A  GB  v Harvey      B  Wales v  Russia       C  Pimblett v N Exiles      D  Lenton  v McKenzie      E  Hopkins v Webster       F  Scotland v Finland 

Tuesday 21st Jan 


10.00     A  McKenzie  v  Hopkins      B    Finland v  Lenton      C  Webster  v  Scotland      D  Russia  v  GB      E   Harvey  v  Pimblett      F   N Exiles v  Wales 

   2.30     A  5th   Section A v 5th Section B      B  3rd  Section A v 3rd Section B      C  1st   Section A  v  1st Section B      D  2nd  Section A v 2nd Section B      E  4th   Section A v 4th Section B      F  6th   Section A v 6th Section B

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