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Monday, January 6, 2014

NEW Nova Scotia Champions!!!!!! Team Horning! ,- UPDATED!


After a delayed start, the Nova Scotia Wheelchair Curling Champions have been completed with Team Asham, skipped by George Horning proving to be the victor.

The best of five championship was originally scheduled to have its’ first game on the evening of January 3rd, 2014 but a snow storm in Nova Scotia forced postponement. The Championship began on the afternoon of January 4th, 2014 at the Lakeshore Curling Club in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia.

The championship put the experienced team and defending champions of Trendal Hubley- Bolivar against the Horning team.

Game One started with Horning giving up a single with the hammer to start the game but played strong in the middle ends leading 6-3 after six ends. Hubley-Bolivar came out strong in the seventh end to tie the game. With the game tied going to the eighth end Horning kept the center open as Hubley-Bolivar decided to play on the outside. Horning further guarded shot rock delivered after a hit and roll behind cover by mate, Laughie Rutt to put an end to the game.

Game two again started Hubley-Bolivar with the hammer and jumped out to a 4-0 lead after two ends. Horning played strong again in the middle ends taking four in the third and stealing two in the fourth for a 6-4 lead at the break. The teams threw up big numbers in the next two ends and left the score 10-7 for Horning after six ends. Hubley-Bolivar was not to be denied as he tied it in the eighth and won by stealing in the eleventh end.

January 4th started with Horning having the hammer in the Third game He was held to 1 in the first end but stole 1 in the second end. However, Hubley-Bolivar put up big numbers in the middle ends and led 7-4 after six ends entered the seventh with the hammer. Things unravelled for the defending champions as Horning stole 4 after Horning executed a beautiful Draw to the top of the eight foot / twelve foot to block entry to the house on this his last shot to take a 8 -7 lead without the hammer into the eighth end. Horning then over powered Hubley-Bolivar in the eighth, stealing five to win the game.

In the fourth game, Horning came in without the hammer but up two games to one needing a victory to win the best of five Championship. The disappointment of the game three meld down did not deter Hubley-Bolivar and he took three with the hammer in the first end. In the fourth end (after exchanging singles), Horning scored 3 to knot the score at 4’s going into the break after executing an heavy draw take out to get the third point. In the fifth with the hammer Hubley-Bolivar managed only a single while Horning replied with a deuce and in the sixth and stole in the seventh to enter the last end with a 7-5 lead. Hubley Bolivar opted to play behind a couple of corners on the same side and was able to establish a single behind three corners on the same side after a hit and bounce. Horning then made a bold call. He had his mate curl around them all and sat for shot on the T-line buried. Hubley-Bolivar then attempted draws that were left in the open. Horning executed two beautiful hit and sticks to leave Horning counting 3 on the T- line all spread apart. Out of Rocks Hubley-Bolivar refused to give in and choose to deliver his last rock to hit and stick to make the score 7-6 Horning.

The team of skip George Horning; mate Laughie Rutt;  second Steve Parfitt and lead Paige Fougere will represent Nova Scotia at the 2014 TSX Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships in Montreal.



Laughie Rutt


"On behalf of our Team, I would like to congratulate Team Horning on their Provincial win.

 I would as also like to thank all the teams' supporters at the event!

Safe travels and Good Curling at the National in Quńóbec, Team Horning.


Trendal Hubley-Bolivar / Team Hubley-Bolivar"

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Denise Miault said...

well done George, congrats to your team