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Monday, February 10, 2014

Munro WINS OCA playdowns

The team from Ilderton of Munro, Paialunga, Ideson and Lavalee defeted last years champions of Team Gregory from Brandford to win the Travelers Wheelchair Curling Championships.

Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total
Ken Gregory 1 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 - - - 5
Mike Munro 0 0 3 1 0 2 0 1 - - - 7



Anonymous said...

The Team from Ilderton, really!!!!

2 Ottawa girls, 1 Team Canada guys who only pratices their, and Munro who is a Team Canada want to be who does not even realy play but is on the TC squad.

How did Katie and Christine even be allowed to play their? They were playing with Daw up until 4 days prior to that. Next played out of Ilderton all year and yet allowed to play.

No wonder CCA has sanctions against the OCA if they allow that shit to go on.

That team should have never even been allowed to play. I think the teams got ripped off.

Hey and Chris...what happen to your big come back? Short lived I guess

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above.

The 2 girls screwed Doug over in Ottawa and then it appears they screwed Chris over.

What next Munro. No wonder they have the rep they do in Ontario

Doug Morris said...

Just to be clear, Katie and Christine did not screw me over in Ottawa. Our parting was, for the most part, a mutual agreement. To be honest, I'm very happy for their win this past weekend and I have congratulated both of them for a fine job. They really stepped up their game and won fair and square.

Doug Morris

Anonymous said...

Since when did Doug Morris become so polite!

Seems to me by that fact you need to answer Doug there is more to the story!

Anonymous said...

what is your story Chris on the 2 girls?????

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

I wish the girls along with Mark and Mike the best at nationals.

The will do the best they can to represent Ontario in Quebec at the end of April.

As for my story, I came back and played at the Kerr with the girls at which time, other matters came into play which would have prevented me from playing in provincials.

Hence why we had no live coverage of those games.

All the best to all players in the future of the sport and to the Canadian Team which includes Mark in Sochi.

Doug Morris said...

I'm a very polite guy, what can I say?

In any event, at the beginning of the season, someone left the impression on the blog that the girls left my team to play with Chris Daw which wasn't the case at all. We went our separate ways prior to that and the girls were available when Daw was forming a team. I didn't mention anything about it at the time because it didn't and still doesn't matter.

Given the negative comments I'm seeing about the girls though, I thought it warranted explanation at this time. The allegations are simply not true and written by someone who seems very bitter.

Both girls are good friends of mine and I hope they will be for years to come.

Doug Morris

Cb said...

Please people. Let's get something right here. Without naming every team in provincial play downs in canada for brier...
Few teams are made up of players from the same curling club. Glenn Howard is made up of coldwater, midland and Brampton .
On a national level, please note it's not the leafs representing Canada in Sochi. But an all star team of Canada's best. Same with basketball.


Anonymous said...

I would hardly say that Canada is being represented by the nation's best. If they were then the national team would defend their position at the Nationals just like they do at the Scotty's and the Brier.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, poster,

We do not have anywhere near enough competitive teams to adequately represent Canada internationally.

A whack of funding comes from Own The Podium, which pays for PERFORMANCE......we have had tremendous performance internationally.

Team Canada has played provincial reps all season, and to my knowledge, never lost a game.

Until the provincial numbers and quality improve, live with a select team, so you can enjoy a funded national event.

Do you think your entry fee pays for the nationals?

Anonymous said...

Wow really;

1 provincial TC reps lost a number of games including Munro who lost games to nothing teams.

The Cathy Kerr showed TC can and does lose to teams including Reynen

OTP pays yes for performance NO

Armstrong brings the performance he just has a few good players in front of him for set up. Get real.

Take Jim out of the fix and Canada is a middle of the road or bottom of the road team.

Same thing happen when Joe got Chris removed, they had to go out and get Jim to get performance.

Read the history books. The only time Canada has ever performed is with 2 skips

Daw and Armstrong - any time those 2 guys have been taken out of the mix Canada fell down and fell down hard!!!!!!!

Why are those guys not together!

Wait until one of the most under rated players leaves the game - INA

watch Canada struggle then.

I agree the provinces can not represent off Nationals yet but I also think far to much JOE or GERRY favouritism comes into play and JIM is who and what makes team Canada!

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way......

who enjoys the OTP funding? I think I can safely say it is not the provinces or players or we would have far more players to select from

Who needs to take the blinders off now?

Anonymous said...

Our National Program turns on ONE PLAYER, Jim Armstrong.

Coach Joe is so busy collecting his salary and awards, he cannot have time to improve the program.

Look at the stats......

2008 ....no Armstrong........4th
2012......no Armstrong.......8th.......YES 8th

Think there is a pattern????

Joe, your success turns on one guy, as in 2006, not your coaching ability and Program.

IF Jim retires after Sochi........back to middle of the pack, at best. Joe, will you get a pay cut????

Anonymous said...

I agree.....2 guys ever


So 2 guys have ever medaled for Canada

Even in the beginning!

what a crazy thought!

Why did Chris get kicked out, spoke up against Joe. The no medal had to get someone.


Joe has never been a real coach EVER! Just a 5 figure salary!

Anonymous said...

WHAT DOES JOE GET PAID? And Wendy, for that matter......

Must be available somewhere on Freedom of Information......

Is his salary performance related? He really should be giving Jim at least half.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the other countries start bringing out their national curling champions who suddenly have "sore knees" to start wheelchair curling. Then we'll see how good Team Canada really is. I'm surprised it hasn't already happened. Once that happens you won't see anyone with a real disability playing on any national teams. It will be retired Scotty and Briar champions playing after their all done with regular curling.

Anonymous said...

Not a real risk. Qualification is quite specific regarding a PERMANENT DISABILITY.

That said, put Glenn Howard in a chair to play Jim Armstrong, and guess who I would bet on.

Anonymous said...

Darn right it is a real risk. Jim Armstrong proves that. He was turned down by one Doctor and found another that would qualify him. Permanent Disability varies depending on the Doctor you see and how badly the CCA wants you in.

Jim, at best, should be stick curling in the able-bodied leagues and not wheelchair curling. When off the ice, the man walks fine without even the aid of a cane.

Also, give Martin or Howard a few months in a chair with a stick and they would kick Jim's butt any day. They are far superior curlers. Jim has never even gotten close to them in able-bodied curling. The only reason he's gotten as far as he has is because he has the most knowledge of the game in the disabled world and wheelchair curling hasn't been around long enough. That, too, is starting to change and Jim's days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Hate Armstrong if you like, but his qualification was through THE ONLY ASSESSOR AT THAT TIME......FROM SCOTLAND, AND ON BEHALF OF THE WCF.

You obviously have not seen him in the last couple of years.....his arthritis (I think) is so bad he can hardly move at all.

Anonymous said...

Scotland has some pretty awesome curlers. Maybe in a year or two Tony can recruit a "disabled" curler from the likes of the present Scottish team. Just as legitimate as the present Canadian team.