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Monday, March 10, 2014

Alberta Provincial playdowns set to go!

Alberta Provincial playdowns are being held in Calgary at the North Hill Curling Club – March 21-23rd.Here is a list of teams/players, 2 teams from Edmonton and 2 from Calgary.

Results will be posted live on the link below, draw times are on the link as well.

 The 4 teams are as follows:

Edmonton North 1                                                          Calgary South 1

Skip/Coach - Dave Graves                                            Skip – Jack Smart

Third - Colin Bulger                                                          Third – Bruno Yizek

Second - Linda Robinson                                               Second – Martin Purvis

Lead - Marie Laframboise                                             Lead – Anne Hibberd

                                                                                                Coach – Andy Jones

 Edmonton North 2                                                          Calgary South 2                

 4th Stones - Mike McMullan                                       Skip – Elmer Stang

Third - Warren Fleury                                                     Third – Karl Meier

Skip/2nd Stones - Don Kuchelyma                            Second – Wendy Frazier

Lead - Shawna Walsh                                                     Lead – Dale Keith

Coach - Tracey Jones                                                      Coach – Brian Rivers


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