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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teams for Canadian National Championships

2014 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship

Team Information

  • Gino Sonego - skip
Doug Gelmich - coach
Doug Dean - Vice
Richard Dawid - Second
Mike Bergquist - 2nd Coach
Lola Graham - Lead
Chris Provenzano - fifth

    Northern Ontario

    Fort William CC, Thunder Bay Gino Sonego,
    Doug Dean, Richard Dawid Lola Graham
  • Ilderton CC
Skip: Mike Munro
Vice: Katie Paialunga
Second: Mark Ideson
Lead: Christine Lavallee
Alternate: Tony Reynen
Coach: Chris Bowden


    Ilderton CC Mike Munro, Mark Ideson, Katie Paialunga, Christine Lavallee, Tony Reynen...
  • Calgary CC
Skip: Jack Smart
Vice: Bruno Yizek
Second: Martin Purvis
Lead: Anne Hibberd
Alternate: Wendy Frazier
Coach: Andy Jones


    Calgary CC: Jack Smart,
    Bruno Yizek, Martin Purvis, Anne Hibberd,
    Wendy Frazier...
  • Re/Max Curling Centre, St. John's
Skip: Joanne MacDonald
Vice: Darlene Jackman
Second: Felix Green
Lead: Cecilia Carroll
Coach: Leslie Anne Walsh

    Newfoundland & Labrador

    Re/Max Curling Centre, St. John’s: Joanne MacDonald, Darlene Jackman, Felix Green, Cecilia Carroll...
  • manitoba1


    Assiniboine CC, Winnipeg: Dennis Thiessen,
    Mark Wherrett, Melissa Lecuyer,
    Jamie Anseeuw Coach: Tom Wherrett
  • Club de curling de Magog
Skip: Benoit Lessard    
Vice: Carl Marquis
Second: Sébastien Boisvert
Lead: Johanne Daly   
Coach: Germain Tremblay


    Club de curling de Magog: Benoit Lessard    , Carl Marquis, Sébastien Boisvert, Johanne Daly   ...
  • nova-scotia1

    Nova Scotia

    Lakeshore CC, Sackville: George Horning
    Laughie Rutt, Steve Parfitt, Paige Fougere
  • saskatchewan1


    Caledonia CC, Regina: Darwin Bender, Gil Dash, Marie Wright, Larry Schrader
  • newbrunswick1

    New Brunswick

    Thistle St. Andrews, Saint John:
    Michael Fitzgerald  
    ,Jonathan Alexander, Jon Polley, Kayla Todd ...
  • british-columbia1

    British Columbia

    Richmond CC, Vancouver: Darryl Neighbour,Frank LaBounty, Vince Miele,Allison Duddy   
    Alternate: Gary Cormack

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