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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


from Laughie Rutt (personal friend and teammate)

The wheelchair curling family lost a valued member on January 20th, 2015. George Horning was sixty two. He was the reigning 2014 Nova Scotia Curling Champion and played out of Lakeshore Curling Club in Nova Scotia. Horning moved to Nova Scotia in 2012 after he retired. A chance phone call brought him to throw a few rocks at Lakeshore while traveling. It was where he decided to spend his retired life.

George Horning was born in Whitehorse in The Yukon and lived most of his life in Winnipeg. He represented Manitoba at the Canadian Curling Championships on a number of occasions. He won a gold medal in 2011 in Edmonton while playing for Manitoba.

George found he had cancer shortly before the 2014 Nova Scotia Provincial Play Downs where he skipped a team. He insisted on playing and skipped his team to the Championship. He entered radiation therapy immediately following the win. Despite failing health he, again, insisted to play in the 2014 Canadian National Championship in Montreal. He entered chemotherapy upon his return. He has been unable to play with Team Horning in the current curling season.

He will be missed by his special friend Mary Commo; his relatives and team mates.

George will be remembered as a person who loved life; loved curling; and would always be there for someone in need, even at a sacrifice to himself. George did not lose the game against cancer. He just came up a little light in his final draw.

Wheelchair Curling is poorer with his passing.
Personal Note:
It is with a very heavy heart that I came to learn of my good friend George's passing today. My heart was filled with joy just a few short weeks ago as George and I spoke about our cancer battle and how we both intended to win. Today I learned I was cancer free and George had lost his fight. I can only reference this loss as a very personal gift from George that in his passing I find freedom from this horrible disease .
In his passing I can find solace that he is at peace and back on the rink; curling to his hearts dreams. He dreamt of curling just once more and showing his survivability.  I know he is happy and without pain. My friend will be missed and I miss him.
God rest you,
Chris Daw




Mark Wherrett said...

I have known George since the 90s when we played w/c Basketball together. he was tireless volunteer and a valued employee of Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association . He was a Menber at the Assiniboin Memorial Curling Club ,there will be Many members sorry to hear of his passing . We even have a shot named after him. " the George ".Many a Great time was had with George Horning You are missed already BUDDY

Felix Green said...

It is with great sadness to hear of George's passing! I, too, had competed against George Horning in basketball and, more recently, curling. He and I had many chats and lots of fun over the years! When he retired, he surprised me by coming to Newfoundland for a visit and ended up in Nova Scotia to curl with Team Nova Scotia! He will be missed by his many friends across Canada!

Arlene Ursel said...

I just went to Wheelchaircurler.blogspot to get the latest and was saddened to read of George's passing. I met George in the 'curling world' not long after my life began as a wheelchair user... That guy loved curling and I had the pleasure of being his teammate and friend for several years. My condolences to his family and many friends... RIP George......

Joanne MacDonald said...

So very sad to hear George passed away. He was a great competitor and truly loved the game of curling. He was a gentleman on and of the ice and his presence will definitely be missed. Rest in peace my friend.

Ernie Comerford said...

I am truly sorry about George's passing. He was an expremely nice guy who everyone enjoyed being with. RIP my friend. Condolences to the family. They have lost a pillar!