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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wheelchair Curling Blog 2 is changing!

Over the years we have worked hard to advance wheelchair curling throughout Canada and the world.

We try to gather together the information about the sport we all love into one place so no one has to search 800 sites to find the information. This has all be done at personal expense; both fiscal and volunteer man hours.

We have wanted to move out the private sector of Chris's hosting the website under his personal addresses to the main stream.

We are happy to announce this morning that the Wcblog2 has both a NEW website address and new email addresses.

Please adjust our web address to;


and please adjust your email address to;


Our old addresses will stay online for about a month but after that we will no longer have rights to those websites or emails.

Thanks for helping us grow and thank you in advance!

Please remember we are still need in of your help and if you could donate even $5 or $10 to our gofundme project below and then pass along the word it would be most helpful in keeping the Blog2 alive and running.

We received the following email this morning and would like to pass it along for your consideration

Support the Blog

I would personally ask all wheelchair curlers to financially support the blog. I depend on the blog to get information on what is happening in the world of wheelchair curling. Without communication most relational enterprises fall apart and die. If we want wheelchair curling to grow then we must make sacrifices to see that it does grow. Dig down and support the blog. Show how important wheelchair curling is to you. Forward the article on to others.

 Laughie Rutt, Nova Scotia


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