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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Question for viewers....

For some five years, we have worked hard to provide a forum for individuals who love the sport of wheelchair curling to have a home. The Wcblog2 was created to fill a void and not only provide a one stop shop for information on the sport but to provide a reasonable safe area for any comments or more over concerns to be shared.

 The cost for a production like Nationals even through Live Stream is expensive. You have not only the cost of the equipment but also the cost of travel, hotels, and even food. We started a Go fund me fundraiser so we could continue not only coverage of nationals but also the blog itself. Often the hours needed to gather the information and place it on the site equal a full time job. 

We have received a number of donations through our fundraising efforts and we thank all those who have made contributions. Dan, Goose, Kerry, Mike, Connie, George, Ryan, Carl, Dale and Ernie have all believed in what we are doing and the funds raised to date will ensure continuation of the blog 2 but we are not reaching the levels we need to be at.

As we look to the future, the cost of transporting equipment, the cost of travel, etc. will be prohibitive.  We have been blessed to be able to drive to the locations of Nationals over the years and provide this coverage but as we move (we are going back to BC) and as Nationals moves (no idea where next year’s may be) the cost is projected to be too much.

Unless we find a way for private sponsorship for Nationals coverage there is a real possibility that this coverage will be lost. and being able to view the games from home will also be lost. Rest assured that every dollar raised is going back to the sport of WC Curling and the providing the blog for your everyday information.

I ask you to honestly consider making a contribution to our efforts to cover our sport so the world can see it. 

209, 000 viewers  last year in a week is not bad and this year we expected better than quarter of a million. If you can’t make a contribution then maybe you know someone who can or a company that may sponsor the event.

And if not, leave a comment about what you think about Nationals being LIVE casted.

Should it be?

Will you be watching?

Do you think it make an impact?

Now is the time for your voice to be heard, do you really want this type of coverage to fade away?

Thank you in advance for the consideration and time to read this piece.


Anonymous said...

What do I think?

Well regardless of what people say, I think they don't know what they have until it is gone!

We saw that when Eric stopped his blog and lucky Chris picked up where he left off.

What happens if Chris shuts down? Does some else pick it up? If so who?

As for National coverage if not Chris then who and what quality?

I have watched over the years and Chris has always gotten better each time. Did you see worlds coverage!!!!

Bad picture, bad volume, no score updates...the list goes on!

Do we really want to risk going back to the stone age in our sport without a voice with out someone regardless of what you think of him personally providing us the opportunities.

We not only need this blog and the coverage it provides of Nationals but honest we should be thanking Chris for what he does.

Were are we going to be if he stops it?

Anonymous said...

What do I think?

Chris, you are the only game in town, and anyone reading this has had the interest to seek out the site. That alone, to love it or hate it, means you have landed here for a reason, and thus should support it and it's endeavors.

Don't want to polarize yourself, or be seen as a "closet supporter" .....donate anonymously.