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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Russia loses 1-2 Game to China'; scotland relegrated to Quailifaction

The stage is a little more set after this mornings page playoffs.

Undefeated Russia faced China in the 1-2 game with Finland playing Slovakia in the 3-4

Also Scotland faced Germany in a tiebreaker with the loser being relegated to World Qualifiers next year back here in Finland.

Russia fell to a strong China team after a long series of blank ends. Then in the 7th end China got 2 and that would bring them victory and the advance directly to the Gold medal match.

The Russians will now get a second chance in the 2-3 section of the page playoffs facing Slovakia after they defeated Finland in an extra end.

The disappointed host team now moves on to the Bronze medal game facing the loser of the 2-3 game tomorrow.

All in all a series of GREAT games.

On a different note; in what has to be a disappointment for the Paralympic Bronze medal team from Sochi; Scotland was relegated to attending the World Qualification tournament next year back here in Finland after losing to Germany.

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