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Friday, February 13, 2015

Russia win semi-final

Russia win semi-final

Russia progressed to the gold medal game after winning the sole semi-final Photo: WCF/Alina Pavlyuchik
Russia have qualified for the gold medal game after defeating Slovakia in the semi-final at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2015 being played at the Kisakallio Sports Institute in Lohja, Finland.

It started well for Russia as skip Andrey Smirnov was able to draw into the house to score three points in the first end after Slovakia fourth Branislav Jakubec missed a takeout with his final stone.
Russia went 4-0 ahead in the next end as Jakubec wrecked on a guard with his final stone, giving up a steal of one point.

Slovakia got on the board in the third end, scoring one point, but Russia extended their lead as Slovakia’s Jakubec was too heavy with his final draw, allowing Russia skip Andrey Smirnov to draw into the house to score three points to lead 7-1 by the fourth end break.

Russia then stole another two points in the fifth end as Jakubec’s attempted double take-out with his last stone didn’t come off as his stone rolled out of the scoring position.

When Russia took another three points in the sixth end, Slovakia decided to concede the game in the seventh end with the final score 12-1.

This win for Russia means that they progress to the gold medal game while Slovakia head to the bronze medal game to face Finland.


Friday 13 February
(all times EET)
Gold medal game: China v Russia (14:00)
Bronze medal game: Slovakia v Finland (14:00)



Russia 12, Slovakia 1.

After Semi-final

China 8-2 (To play Russia in gold medal game)
Russia 10-1 (To play China in gold medal game)
Slovakia 6-5 (To play Finland in bronze medal game)
Finland 5-5 (To play Slovakia in bronze medal game)
5. USA 4-5
6. Canada 4-5
7. Germany 4-6
8. Scotland 3-7 (Relegated to WWhCQ*)
9. Sweden 3-6 (Relegated to WWhCQ*)
10. Norway 2-6 (Relegated to WWhCQ*)
*WWhCQ – World Wheelchair Curling Qualification event

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