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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The high and low of Worlds! Canada wins and loses on Day 2

The highs and lows of world are often forgotten by the arm skips and those of us sitting behind the screen calling or yelling at it.

Canada is 1 and 2 after 3 sessions at the World Championships and if experience has told me anything, well it's not over yet folks. All you have to do is make the top four in the tournament and then hey your have a NEW tournament where everything you just did doesn't matter.

Team Canada is playing and although they may not have all the w's they are actually playing good. Some hits and miss but we all do that. It was interesting to read "It didn't start well for Canada after blanking the first end"

Well hey I think a blank end is a great outcome! Most of us  would not cry if we had hammer and blanked the first end.

My point here is, PLEASE don't read to much into the performance at this stage or some of the comments. Canada is performing and doing the best they can at this point. A new team, a new skip, teams playing at top levels like never before and only the 3 session.

6 more games and look at what it does to the standings then. 1 win is is and can be the start of something great!


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