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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dundee, Ewan, Neilson, Denholm, Donaldson, Webstar, Hogg win on opening day of Scottish Wheelchair Curling Championship

Dundee, Ewan, Neilson, Denholm, Donaldson, Webstar, Hogg win on opening day of Scottish Wheelchair Curling Championship

With the Scottish Wheelchair Curling Championship underway today in Stirling, teams of Dundee, Ewan, Neilson, Denholm, Donaldson, Webster and Hogg have come away with wins.
 In the first matches of the day in Section A, Denhold drew 4 – 4 with Dewar in 6 ends. Donaldson drew 5 – 5 with Malone. Ewan had the only win in Section A in the first session with an 8 – 3 win over Harvey in seven ends.
 In the first matches of the day in Section B, Hogg drew 5 – 5 with McPherson. Neilson crushed Webster 5 – 19 in six ends. They scored 5 points in the first, third and fourth end, and then added 4 more in the sixth end. Webstar scored 3 in the second and 2 in the fifth. Dundee beat Hatten in the last draw for Section B in the first matches, winning 7 – 1. Hatten did not manage to get their point until the final end.
 In the afternoon session in Section A, Ewan beat Malone 7 – 3. Denholm beat Harvey 6 – 4 after scoring 2 points in the final end. Donaldson beat Dewar 5 – 3, coming from beind 2 – 3 in the fifth end to claim victory.
 In the afternoon session in Section B, Webster beat McPherson 4 – 2. Neilson had another large win after beating Dundee 13 – 1. Dundee took an early 1 – 0 lead after the first end, but Neilson then went to score 1 in the second, 4 in the third, 2 in the fourth, 3 in the fifth and 3 in the sixth. Hogg put away Hatten 9 – 1.
 In section A, the Harvey team includes Alex Harvey, David Bain, Mary Bell, and David Telfer. The Ewan team is composed of Gregor Ewan, Jim Gault, Tom Killin, and Jim Sellar. Malone side includes Angie Malone, Hugh Nibloe, Daniel Cowan, and Gill Keith. Donaldson team is composed of Ian Donaldson, Arthur Bell, David Morgan, and Val Watt. The Dewar side has Douglas Dewar, Jonny Boy,Phil Heron, and Irene Hainey. The Denholm team is composed David Denholm, Alison Cloudsley, Michael Greaves-MacIntosh, and Helen Turner.
 In section B, the Neilson side includes Aileen Neilson, Michael McCreadie, Alison Hopkins, and Alan Hopkins. The Webster side features Paul Webster, Dave Wightman, Gordon Rainey, and Anglea Higson. The Mcpherson team includes Robert McPherson, John Doyle, Debbie McKenna, and Stevie Law. The Hogg side includes Neil Hogg, Charlotte McKenna, Maria Duncan, and Leslie Barr. The Hatten side includes David Leeson, Ross Hatten, Mark Roy, and Martin Elliott. The Dundee side includes Elizabeth Ferris, Jay O’Reilly, and Michael Mellon.

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