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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alberta Provinicals UPDATE

Over the last 2 days the Alberta Provincials have been happen at the Jasper Place Curling Center. The Wheelchair Blog 2 has been providing updates as they happen during the event and we have been Twittering as the games go along as well.


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Now back to our provincials: Seems like Team Yizek has continued to dominate the Alberta w/c curling play downs with 3 straight wins and why not with Team Canada Alternates Bruno Yizek and Jack Smart they should have an advantage.

However; Team Graves seems to have their number yesterday in a very close game in the morning going to an extra end in what was referred to as an "ugly win" by one of our readers who was on site.

But like I have always said in my 12 years experience - "a win is a win regardless of how it happens. You learn from it and move on"

So, this morning in Alberta at 11am (MT) we see a repeat of yesterday afternoons games with Team Yizek taking on Team Bene and Team Graves taking on Team MacEachern.

And with that being said Team Graves needs to be careful as they just squeaked out a win yesterday afternoon over MacEachern by 1 in an extra end as well.

Should be fun to watch! Good curling to all Alberta Teams on behalf of wheelchair blog 2.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Does that mean Sobkowicz is no longer a Team Canada alternate with Yizek & Smart being named here?

Chris Daw said...

We have no confirmation that Chris or Bruno are not alternates with the Team Canada program. All we do know is that Jack Smart is now the travelling atlernate with Team Canada.

Anonymous said...

Seems odd that Jack is going to Korea, and not Chris, or Bruno, for that matter.