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Saturday, January 21, 2012

CPA Ontario posts web page on the Wheechair Curling Blog 2

Orginal Article found at:  CPA Ontario

New Wheelchair Curling Blog

A new blog for information sharing, postings and updates on wheelchair culing is being established by Chris Daw. With the end of Eric Eales blog at wheelchaircurling.com, there is now a void that needs to be filled.

If you could kindly consider sending along any information regarding wheelchair curling or other important information you would like to get into the hands of wheelchair curlers, Chris will do his best to post it.
The blog will be information-shairing format with no personal commentary.

The blog can be found at: http://wheelchaircurler.blogspot.com/

And all updates can be sent to: chris@chrisdaw.ca

Your information and support is warmly welcomed and NEEDED!

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