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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian curling, swimming, Paralympic cycling get boost

Mark Lowry Sport Excellence Foundation names newly funded sport projects
OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Three sports will receive funding through the Mark Lowry Sport Excellence Fund for exciting new projects.
“The Canadian Olympic Committee is proud to be involved with the Mark Lowry Sport Excellence Fund,” said COC President Marcel Aubut. “Mark’s legacy will help supply Canadian athletes with the tools they need to perform on the world stage. I can think of no greater tribute to a leader in Canadian sport.”
The Canadian Curling Association will receive funding for the Mark Lowry Sweeping Laboratory and the Mark Lowry Mobile Sweeping Laboratory.
The funding will assist in the development of a unique training tool as well as a mobile laboratory that will help to meet the challenge of training the elite curling athletes who are spread across the country.
Also benefiting from the Fund will be Swimming Canada, through the Mark Lowry Recovery Centre in Vancouver’s National Swimming Centre, which will provide important services for athletes such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, nutrition and recovery protocols.
The Mark Lowry Excellence Fund will also contribute to the Canadian Cycling Association, with the funding specifically going towards special equipment to assist Paralympic cyclists in training at Cycling Canada’s Calgary and Bromont, Que. training centres.
The Mark Lowry Sport Excellence Fund was established by the family of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Executive Director of Sport who passed away in 2005.
A lifelong supporter of Canadian athletes, the Fund is dedicated to continuing his legacy by supporting high-performance sport in Canada

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