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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Team Yizek wins 7th straight title!

Anne Hibberd, Martin Purvis, Jack Smart, Bruno Yizek
Team Yizek wins 7th straight title at Alberta provinical championshisp at the Jasper Place curling club!
In game much closer than the score of 7 to 1 showed.
Bruno Yizek and his team of Jack Smart, Anne Hibberd, Martin Purvis has won their 7th straight title in the Alberta provincial championships.Yes, I said 7th!
Congratulations to Teams Graves, Team MacEachern and Team Bene on strong play over the last few  long days!
Final Standings:

Gold – Team Yizek

Silver – Team Graves
Bronze- Team MacEachern
4th – Team Bene

Many thanks to our Twitter friend, Cathy Craig, Al Cameron, @YEGWHeelchaircurling and @Lisachuk for their onsite coverage and twitter feed that helped us cover this great event.
Here are a few photos from the last few days…

Team Graves (left) - Team Yizek (winners)
Medla presentation
I thought Alberta was blue not red?????


Lisa said...

Glad you followed our event! Your fans can follow @1CathyC, @lisamchuk, @YEGwheelies, @Curling_Guy and @ErinCraig11 on twitter for Alberta wheelchair curling updates!

Anonymous said...

I have the pleasure of knowing all the players on Team Yizek and would like to pass along congratulations. Best wishes at the Canadians!
Al Paca