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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Images from Lanarkshire Ice Rink

We report on the Lanarkshire Wheelchair International. Eight teams were competing in the two-day competition, which finishes today. We hope to have full updates later today and will update the blog when and if we do. Here are a few photos which hopefully will give a flavour of the competition.

All photos Copyright of Skip Cottage

Team Germany

Neil Hogg (SWCA)
Aileen Neilson (Scotland)

"Local curler Robert McPherson, who is in the SWCA Spokes Development Squad this season, was playing yesterday with Aileen Neilson, Tom Killin and Angie Malone, three of the Scotland team who will be competing at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship in Chuncheon City, South Korea, February 18-25" - Skip Cottage

New National Coach Tony Zummack at the mid game break with Aileen, Robert, Angie and Tom.As we know Tony moved from Alberta to take the job with the Scotish Institue of Sport and help give rebirth to the success program before heading into the next Paralymics in Sochi

"The boys in the hood" ; Team Scotland member Gregor Ewan, and Stewart Pimblett.

Annette from Team Sweden readys to throws

Skip Jalle Jugnell explains a point to the coach from the former coach! Weird or What!

Team Scotland (GB) member, Jim Gault,bound for Korea

Team Norway

Tom Killin (Team GB) doing a little consulting on the side, looking a little chilled!

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