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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summary OCA Day 1

In a day that saw the opening of the OCA play downs we saw the National pool player’s rise to the top. The Ilderton crew as a whole looked impressive, although in a very close game this afternoon Team Ideson sits atop the ranking with 2 wins however as most of us know it is only day one.
I spoke with coach of the Ilderton teams, Ernie Comerford to gather his thoughts on how the day went:

WCB2: In game one what do you think the key was to such a big Victory over Cameron?

Ernie: “key was…basically Mark out skipped Cameron. It basically snowballed and Bruce could not come back. We also capitalized on every opportunity we were presented”

WCB2; after the game what was your discussion with the team?

Ernie: “congratulated then and mention how cool they were in the game. Mentioned how the support structure worked very well’

WCB2: Game 2 saw you take on Fraser, what was the plan?

Ernie: “not to change the game plan and play as well as they did in the first game. Well, it didn’t work. It was a very frustrating game for the whole team in including the coach. And I must complement Fraser’s team; they played very, very well. In particularly their draw weights, they were unreal!”

`Ernie and they he felt they were very lucky to pull they win out!

WCB2:  It seemed like a very close game, what were the major surprises with Team Fraser?

Ernie: “being so precise in putting up the guard. The whole front end played incredibly well.”

WCB2: With 2 wins under the belt on day 1 what is the plan and your thoughts for tomorrow?

Ernie:  “game plan is to get back to the form they had in the first game and I think they will do it.”

So there are some insights in today. Look for Draw 3 and 4 tomorrow. Can Ideson keep his winning ways and bring home the first provincial banner for the Ilderton curling club or will Team Rees pull a few more wins out of the magic bag of tricks showing their championship experience?

Game at 10am

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