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Monday, January 30, 2012

To select or not to select?

Based on the poll from last week it seems that the wheelchair curlers throughout Canada are ready to see the winner on Nationals represent Canada at the Worlds and perhaps even the Paralympics.
Is this a reality we can do at this time? Are we ready for this yet?

Well, that is a question which on the interim will remain hidden. We need to understand that wheelchair curling is just coming out of the infant stages of development but it does not mean we will be ready to jump right into the standard Canada formats like the Brier or Scotties for how team Canada is decided.
The poll showed that 44% of our readers want the winners of Nationals to be Team Canada  with only 27%  wanting selection however; we have to ask if this is a real representation of all curlers in Canada. Does this reflect a true understanding of what is on the line? We may find out sooner than later. As we gather steam heading in to Worlds in Korea we know who Canada is and what they have been; SOLID performers with track records to prove it. Only small changes occur with the formula which could be determined to be the CCA way of developing a replacement pool of athletes to draw from post 2014. We have to have a little bit of reality set in folks. Will any major changes occur to Team Canada between now and then? Maybe but highly unlikely unless something major happens. Now, come post 2014, I think we will be dealing with a whole new ball game. Fact is that people have lives and as much as we would all like to follow that passion we sometimes need to look in new direction. Both Jim and Darryl are a little older and by 2015 they may just want to do something other than curl. This goes as well for Ina who has a family and Sonja who has the same.

We need to ask this….if a team shows up to nationals like a brand new team from New Brunswick that has some experience in there skip but the rest of the team has only played for no more than a year.  And what if this team has the tournament of their lives and wins Nationals does that mean they would even be close to World level? Not likely, let’s be real. Until such time as Canada has been able to develop enough players across each province which allows for HIGHLY competitive games than the winner of Nationals could not represent at Worlds. If for one moment any player at nationals thinks game play is close to that of a world level they need to rethink.
So, for now and maybe until post 2014, the NEED vs. the want must take over and Canada needs to select their team versus any other form for determination. This way the future of our sport is protected for the future.

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Anonymous said...


You sum up what I truly feel is the obvious. There is no depth for truly competitive athletes from province to province.....players that could be medal winners at worlds....

I understand the majority of funding for things like the camps last year, and the big one in Richmond in September come from funding from Own The Podium in the main......AND without successful results internationally these funds would not exist.

SO the bashers of the Team Canada concept have to see the reality of the present situation.......AND why would the CCA even consider anything else at this point?

Time to at least attempt to get a challenge series with the national winner and Team Canada.....at least then everyone would know exactly where they stand.

How about Team Canada doing a mini tour of Canada, and we all could compare our teams to the best?

Team Canada travels quite a bit now, so how about a little more domestic travel?

Anonymous said...

The only other problem with what you suggest is every team in every provinice is going to demand a shot at them. Who has got the right to say who plays against them and who doesn't?

Who is going to pay for it and then what happen if Team Canada does lose on seris. What out becuase thos eplayers will want to be team Canada. The problem is about have it happen over months if not years,

Selection for now is the only way

Anonymous said...

Selection IS the only thing that makes sense right now, like it or not.

BUT even an exhibition series across Canada would help expose the sport, as well as serve as a benchmark for where other teams are in relation to the best in the world at present.

A best of five series with the national champions is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Put Team Canada on a Canadian tour.....
How about they hit the major WC Curling Centres...Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and one in the Maritimes.

Five stops, each for a day or two. They could play two or three games a day, with the provincial associations determining who gets to play them......great exposure, great Public Relations, and a chance for the competitive teams to see how close they are to the best.

I will bet Team Canada would even lose a game or two.....