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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New email & logo

I know , I know stop boring you with all these changes, right!

Well, I must start by saying thank you to all who have helped make this blog successful. We have reached over 7500 readers in only a few short weeks. We have had coverage of every event we could with the BC provinicals, the Ontario Provinicals, Worlds and National Championships yet to go in the season.

I have had great feedback from you the readers, the players and many others including the WCF & CCA.

With that in mind we needed to make one last change to the logo and implement an email which was not personal based and more towards the blog itself.

So with that in mind, please make a chenge to your address books folks and add:


As the primary email for submissions, comments, ideas, or stories. We are always looking for you the reader to make a submission and if you want write an article and we will post it.

Our polls have started to tell a story about the ideals and future of our sport and I hope more of you will submit poll ideas so we can find and (and maybe even submit) the feels of how US the players and support people want our sport to head.

So again, THANK YOU all for the support and please keep it coming!

You are the news and people from all around the world want to hear what you have to say!

All the best and good curling!


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