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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

USA Team ready for Worlds

From left to right Tim kelly (5th) Penny Greely (lead) James Joesph
 and Dave Palmer (Alternate) and Patrick Mcdonald (Skip) 
The USA Team has been busy over the last few weeks feeling out what is a new team. The USA over all other teams this year has under gone major changes. The long time squad which included Augusto (Goose) Perez, Jim Pierce and Jacqui Kapinowsk saw these 3 members retirein 2011 leaving the search for a new Team USA.

Patrick Mcdonald who was unable to compete last year due to some shoulder injuires charges back to team USA and takes the helm. When speaking with the USA Skip he says... " it's a fresh team.. and we are working hard.. and looking forward to doing well this year."

The questions will be laid to rest in a few short weeks were this team faces it biggest obstacles in the worlds bigeest event in Korea. The USA has a tough go right off the start as they will face host Korea in there first game and Italy in the second game.

Good Luck Team USA!

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