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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comment of World Podium! Win a prize!

In lue of the World Championships starting on Sunday; we are inviting everyone to please drop a comment on who and postion you think the top 3 teams will finish.

All correct guessers' will have there name place for a draw and their chance to win a :

$20.00 (CDN$)
 Winner recieves a $20.00 (CDN$) Tim Horton's or StarBucks Card

Please leave your comment in the following format:

1: Country Name
2: Country Name
3: Country Name

You will need to leave your name to be eligible.

All Anonymous voters can vote but will not be eligible to win.

Also; let us know of what you think of this idea.

So get those comments in and don't forget to put a name down if you want to WIN!

Let's see if you can pick the winners!

* Winner will have there card mail to them via standard Canada post with in 2 business days
** All International voters will recive a gift card equal to $20 canadian in form of a VISA gift Card\


Anonymous said...

1. Canada
2. Scotland
3. Norway

catester said...

1. Scotland
2. Korea
3. Canada

It's killing me here not to put USA in the top three, but I think it's a rebuilding year without Goose. And I need coffee.

Good luck and good curling to all the athletes!

Mark Wherrett said...

#1 Canada
#2 Scotland
#3 Russia

StarBucks before every Saturday morning game! The card might get me through the season !

Daniel said...

#1 Canada
#2 Scotland
#3 Slovakia

Great idea Chris!

Love how only those who sign their names can win!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

1. Canada
2. Korea
3. Scotland

Wayne F said...

1. Canada
2. Scotland
3. Norway

George Horning said...

1. Slovakia
2. Scotland
3. USA

free crossword puzzle maker said...

1. USA
2. Norway
3. Korea