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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Demo planned at VCC ?????? How and by who?

So I was reading tonight and got the word that the club I use to manage is going to be hosting a clinic on wheelchair curling. So to be nice I am going to reserve a few words of how I really feel and yes I know folks I said I would not state opinion but this one is a little to close to home.

So the Vancouver Curling Club can host there clinic and I will post it no problem, funny thing is when I was manager I had planned and received funding for the VCC to host a wheelchair curling league. Funny how now this is a 2 hour clinic. ODD!

Also; may I mention that most players who can do the instruction are out of the country or unavailable for that weekend so I hope they have touched base with Curl BC to get qualified instruction going. I will also state that Curl BC has not advertised the event or listed the event in anyway. Also; am going to find it interesting in what they hope to have happen in just 2 hours.

Enough said... the event is listed below and Grouse Mountain is a beautiful place for a visit..


‘Come and try Adaptive Winter Sports camp’ offers an introduction for individuals with a physical disability, to try a variety of adaptive winter sports in a fun and informal setting. Participants will be invited to try out the sports of alpine skiing, sledge hockey and wheelchair curling over a three day camp.

The alpine skiing and sledge hockey will take place at Grouse Mountain, just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Here participants will get to enjoy 2 days on the mountain learning the basic skills of alpine skiing or snowboarding and having the opportunity to try out sledge hockey on the mountain top ice rink!

The wheelchair curling session will take place at the Vancouver Curling club at the Hill Crest Centre, next to Queen Elizabeth Park. The centre was the Curling venue during the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics.

The aim of the camp is to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist and create a positive introductory experience to some of the winter adaptive sports. The come try sessions will also increase confidence, motivation, independence and skill levels.

Outline of camp agenda:

Friday March 9th Vancouver Curling Club, Hillcrest Centre
3.30 – 5.30pm – Introduction and ‘come try’ wheelchair curling

Saturday March 10th Grouse Mountain
8am – 12pm Alpine skiing/snowboarding lessons
1.30pm – 3pm Sledge hockey ‘come try’ session

Sunday March 11th Grouse Mountain
8am – 12pm Alpine skiing/snowboarding lessons

The alpine ski/snowboard lessons will be delivered by the Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (VASS) who run skiing and snowboarding programs for persons with a disability at Grouse, Seymour and Cypress Mountains. The sledge hockey demo will be delivered by local athletes and in partnership with BC Hockey and SportAbility. The wheelchair curling session will be delivered by local athletes, the Vancouver Curling club and in partnership with Curl BC. All activities will be led by certified coaches and instructors from the individual sports.

The camp is open to individuals, (age 12 and above) trying out one or all of these sports for the first time.

Cost of the ‘Come and try Adaptive Winter Sports camp’ is $25

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