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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Decision time: your feedback on the blog is needed!

So, we have been running now for a little more than a month with 11, 200 readers in that time.. We have received some great feedback and well to be honest; some not so nice feedback.

So, over the next 4 days,  I am going to allow you, the readers to provide your feedback to me on what you think and help make the decision if I should keep going.

In the poll; you get to  vote. 4 simple choices...Poor, Average, Good, or Stop Publishing.

I am looking for your feedback on story content, what we are covering, and how we are covering it and the big question "Should I keep doing this?".

Also, I invite suggestions and invite comment; should you want me to keep going. I have received a couple of comment/emails over that last few days which have questioned a few things about what I am doing here and how I am doing it.

It has also made me question if I should keep publishing.

So I am going to provide my feedback to you regarding it. In simple point form:

1. I am volunteering my time to do this.

2. I make no money nor do I get any money nor do I ask for money

3. This blog takes anywhere between 20 - 30 hours per week to put together.

4. Asked to use spelling and grammar check! Excellent suggestion and I do try and do that. A new computer soon will help produce this better. As for spelling and grammar in comments; I have no control over that at all. Only the poster of the comment does. I am often posting articles or updates on the fly from one place to another. So spell check cannot often be done until we have a complete computer system to use. I am providing an information outline and news line on a volunteer basis. I provide a great amount of articles and information and opportunity for people to share in the sport of wheelchair curling. I have a few people help me out from time to time including Eric Eales; who often points me towards articles for publishing. Thank you, Eric. I am not a newspaper and mistakes will occur. Please be patient. If some day I ask for money I will hire an editor.

5. I have been told I am publishing personal opinion and comments. I am not! Personal comments are held at a minimum. Comments expressed here are held at check more often than you think. I get a great number of emails and comments which are not posted and 80% of the stories are reposted from 3rdparty articles for information purposes. My personal comments and opinions are held greatly in check and have been curbed a great deal. If you can provide an example of where my personal opinion has been posted that would be great. I will Endeavour to do better. I have great respect for every player out there but cannot say the same for them towards me. That is fine and that is life but I am trying my best to provide something to you the players so I ask you to respect what I am trying to do if you don't have respect for me, fine but please respect what is being done for free!

6. I have been told I am missing names sometimes in my postings. Omissions like that are never on purpose. We often refer to a Team or skip when posting and readers need to assume to a degree we are talking about a whole team. Postings on twitter are greatly restricted in the number of characters so we do our best.

So with all that said, you get to now have your say and get to make the decision.
Let me know and I will post the results or stop all together. 
 I cannot assume you folks want me doing this and would love to know. So, if you want me to stop let me know, I will; if the majority of you want me to.

Awaiting your feedback……. Next post. In a few days!


Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

And Yes, folks it is Ecision meaning E-vote on the topic, not a spelling mistake

Jalle said...

Hi Chris,

Jalle from Sweden here....

Its just an awesome site you put up.
Eric did a great job through the years, and it was depressing news when he deiceded to quit.

So big thank you for all work you put in this.

Dont be over ambition though, so you will burn out, and loose steam.

Keep it up, and hopeful we see each other again sometime.

Regards Jalle

Don S. said...

I think it is an terrible that people have been so critical of the work you are doing. The fact that we get this type of coverage and on a volunteer basis is great.

I think all readers shoudl vote and comment on how good this blog is even compared to the last one. We get full coverage, live or semi live during events. Twitter live on things and you do it without asking for a cent.

I don't care what people may have thought of you Chris this goes to show a real change. Even the fact you post comments which are crictical of you says something.

Come people support Chris's efforts before we lose all coverage and we have no one give us any coverage. Fact is the WCF, CCA and all provinicals bodies should be having you out to these events, paying you to do the coverage. The CCA spends tens of thousands on TV why not a couple of hundred to cover our Wheelchair events. Same for the WCF!!!

Any one hosting an event should consider having Chris come out and cover the evnt on the blog, god knows he does a great job, has the knowledge, and the list goes on.

Let's all leave comments of support and then write the WCF, CCA and provinical bodies and get at the very least the coverage we shoudl be getting on here of the blog. No reason why not?

What do others think?

Eric Eales said...

I'm glad you took up the challenge of blogging news of wheelchair curling, Chris. I'll continue to feed you the information from contacts I developed over the six years of my blog.

Jalle is right when he warns you should pace yourself. There isn't something newsworthy happening every day. Not everything deserves your analysis or comment. Keep it as much about the sport and as little about Chris Daw as you can, and you'll grow a readership.

As Kipling said:

"If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools..."

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Eric, his chronic hacking of the CCA Program did leave some credibility issues.

Chris, your tendency to print it all, which Eric would never do, if it opposed his views, will do you well.

Good luck, and wish you all the success.

Anonymous said...

You don't have the writing ability of Eric, BUT you are providing a lot more content, without his very pointed personal slant.

I had contacted him many times when I disagreed with his view, and he NEVER published them.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

No you are right. I am no professioanl media writing. But I do try my very best!

Thank you for the support!

Results of the poll where

98% Excellent
2% Average

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