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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We are staying Online!

So the votes are in and the majority wins! We will stay online!

After review and discussion with a few powers that be and a few others I have decided to continue to do the job that needs done. I will continue to publish YOUR stories, ideas, information and even thoughts.

I thank each and ever one of you for your kind words over the last few days. I has been a tough decision but I think it is the right one. As mu dad once said..."don't let one as&*le, spoil your passion for what you beleive in."

So, send in those stories, comments, and thoughts. I see big things for our sport and I hope to cover them for you.

Let's work togther to bring the information together for the world to find!

All the best and again thanks for the support!

Chris and the WCB2 crew

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