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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Founding member of SLWCC Passes

“Aye…that’ll be right”

That favourite phrase of our friend and curling companion Craig Taylor who has died, and will long linger in my mind. It was always accompanied by a wry smile indicating he didn’t really believe a word one was saying, but was too polite to say so.

I first met Craig on the day of my introduction to wheelchair curling at Hamiltonice-rink. We played together for over six years, and you get to know a bloke (even one as shy as Craig), reasonably well in that time. But he was a funny fellow once one got below the apparently quiet exterior. Anyone who was on his e-mail list can testify to his great sense of humour.

He was excellent at his chosen sport and that quiet smile would emerge again when he placed a stone to perfection. He was a particularly good lead player, but would quietly get on with whatever his skip instructed.

I never heard him complain about his health and he bore his disability with dignity. The last time we saw each other was at SLWCC’s tenth birthday party, and he was pleased to be asked to blow out the candles with that other founder member Jim Sellar. In his own words when I asked him if he would do it: “I’m really chuffed”.

Craig will be much missed by us all, and even more by his family. If he’s gone to “that big rink in the sky”, and he’s asked to lead for the heavenly rink, he’ll just say: “Aye…that’ll be right”, and get on with the game.

Story by; Arthur Bell SLWCC Chairman

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