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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club welcomed fellow curlers

First published on Skip Cottage Curling
Reproduced from: http://skipcottagecurling.blogspot.com/2012/02/two-events-we-missed.html

Lockerbie Wheelchair Curling Club welcomed fellow curlers from Braehead, Kinross, Stirling, South Lanarkshire and Borders for their inaugural 'Pick and Wick' Bonspiel. The brainchild of Marion Murdoch this fun competition was a winner and enjoyed by all. Click on the image above to see a larger photo of the competitors.

With the added twist of two extra stones out front in play before the start of each end, it made for interesting ends, not least the possibility of a nine-ender!

 Above L-R: Jim Sellar, Blair Murray, Keith Thorn and Gill Keith.
Photos © Jim Thomson.
The winners were Jim Sellar, Gill Keith, Keith Thorn and Blair Murray (above). The new salver for this annual competition was presented to the winners by Blair Murray. Runners-up were Ian Donaldson, Arthur Bell, Leslie Barr and Valerie Robertson

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