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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inside the Worlds, a look from a distance!

In less than 10 hours we will see the opening of the 2012 World Wheelchair Curling Championship taking place in Uiam Ice Rink in Chuncheon, South Korea.

Ten mixed national teams will compete in the event which is the second opportunity for the world’s top wheelchair curling teams to gather points for their nations to qualify for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Team Canada seems to be the odd on favorites to win, but many countries this time around more than ever will be up for the challenge.

Being on this side of the World, we wanted to try and place our readers on the sidelines of the experience. So we have put together a few images of Chuncheon and the event to help you get into the championship and see what the athletes are experiencing.

Chuncheon is the capital Gangwon, a province in the North East of South Korea.

Surrounded by hills, the Sinyeongang River and Uiamho Lake, Chuncheon is a pleasant city offering a variety of outdoor and cultural activities for tourists to enjoy during their visit.

Many of the city’s top tourist attractions are outdoors, including Namiseom, Jungdo Island, Cheongpyeongsa Temple, Gongjicheon area, Wido Island, Soyanggang River, Samaksan Mountain, Deongseon Waterfall, Gugok Waterfall, Jipdarigol Natural Forest, and Chuncheon Hunting Camp.

We need to remember that the World Championships is taking place on the peninsula north of the 38th parallel which is still under the worlds longest running cease fire between North and the South.

The war actually ended in an Armistice Agreement at approximately the Military Demarcation Line.

The area around the event and getting to the event has a good level of signage and accessiblity athletes are bused in or can take the train if they need to get out and about.

Signage is in English and Korean with lots of accessable seating.

The venue itself is placed along a lake which provides an excellent view along with the increible opportuntity to get outside and relax with those magestic surroundings.

As you aprrocah the venue you is it placed in front a mountain backdrop with outstanding quality and attention to details.
There is lots of parking in the area which is  hope for what the attendance at the event could be.

The entrance way is something to behold. With large Korean print that cannot be missed

Coach Thor over looks the field of play
The field of play is located in a large building that speaks for itself. Very similair to the facility some of these athletes expereinced in Vancouver in 2010 at what is now the Hillcrest facility.

The flags of each particpating country hang with pride and the WCF logo is at the forefront of the in ice logo layout with lots of sponsor signage on the hockey boards.

The rings at the traditional WCF colours with no surprise on the layout

The rocks are Blue with blue inserts with traditional Yellow and red handles  which appear to have no  fitting problems for the stick heads that all athletes now play with.

Tons of room behind the houses will provided ease of movement for the skips and the player which is great to see.

Access to the ice is found though a set of ramps and as you can see the ramps are a little steep but nothing this athelets can't handle. A good amount of seating should pact the specators in and knowing the Korean culture I am sure the place will be packed.

We have reports that at the beginning the ice conditions were straight with very little curl and a little heavy. The conditions then seemed to change around and I sure that the conditions for play will be up to speed has the ice techs dial in what they want for game conditions. The fact that these games are taking place in Korea speaks miles for our sport and where is has come in such a short time. 
Many of the experiences for players and coachs are never going to be forgotten and I can say with great pride that they will make life long friends. So there you have it the tour is over and the players are ready as they are ever going to be.

GOOD LUCK to ALL!                                                GOOD CURLING!

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Anonymous said...

Jim Armstrong is missing from the Canadian Team picture on the official website and reports are he was not on the ice or even in the building for the pre competition practice.


Anonymous said...

Downloadable team list has also been changed, Darryl now listed as skip with Ina 3rd, Jack 2nd and Sonja Lead. Anne Hibberd listed s alternate, no Jim Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

Ya Chris tells us that and gives us the link dumb ass.

Try reading...the blog story above you!

Wow, can people really be this dumb.