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Monday, February 13, 2012

OCA presents a few IMPORTANT awards!

2 weeks ago we saw the crowning of NEW OCA provincials champions in Team Ideson out of the Ilderton curling club.

Photo by Tony Reynen
 At the end of the tournament TOM Ward of the OCA made a couple of key presentations. These including an appreciation ward to the North Grenville Curling Club for hosting the event.

Photo by Tony Reynen
And Frank Cannarella receiving an honoury lifetime membership to the OCA.

Congratulations to both!

1 comment:

Stewart K. said...

So I hope this post make it up on the blog Chris, I really do!

I want to say congrats to Frank and great accomplishment. I know you have work hard for this and you deserve every part of it.

Now that said I want to make a point on an observation about the OCA.

Why has the OCA NEVER recognized the accomplishments of a team which came out of Ontario.

It is Chris’s team and what they did in the beginning. This is a team that has won:

1 Silver at Worlds
1 Bronze at Worlds
The Paralympic Gold Medal (first ever)

And 3 back to back National Championships (even Jim has not done that)

These folks have NEVER been recognized by the OCA EVER for any of what they have done.

WHY! I don’t care if it is the past or not, it is the foundation of the sport and great accomplishment for them.

All of them. All I read is you guys bashing Chris and NEVER recognizing him for what he and his team did to get us all where we are today!

Chris Daw and Karen Blatchford are the won the F____ Gold Medal and not even a word from the OCA!

Don Bell, Jim Primavera, Richard Fraser go to worlds and win silver and not a word. Win National championships not a word!

Chris and Karen win 3 National Championships back to back to back and not a word! Why?

I get you guys may not all like Chris and there is history there but come on not to recognize people for great accomplishments is real unfair. F---- BC recognized them more than Ontario did!

I understand if you don’t print this Chris but it needs to be said and people need to understand what the OCA is!