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Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, a busy weekend around the wheelchair curling world. I took Sunday off, I actually went out and threw some rocks with the Iderton guys, Mark, Mike, Tony and Mike. I had a great team and these days don't often get to throw with wheechair teams. To much time spent with the AB crowd I guess. I had lots of funs and maybe was even able to help those guys out on the pursuit of the National Championship goal they set for them self in March.

The team looks good, and has a few changes scheduled for the upcoming nationals. We will follow this rookie team with great interest.

Shanon Wilcox, Coach Terry, & Tony Reynen
You may remember the The Canadian Paralympic Committee, in partnership with the National Capital Commission, presented a Winter Parasport Festival on the Rideau Canal this past weekend. Bruce Cameron and his group out of the RA Center were out "Freezing their butts off" doing what need to get done by showing the Ottawa region how to curl. Here are a few pictures:
Bruce Cameron

The "Short Rink"

Saftey First
Also; New Team from Nova Scotia;   

In 2012, Team Nova Scotia will be a new team and not the one that previously had been fronted by Michael Fitzgerald. This year in the Nova Scotia Play Downs team Richard Brown won the right to represent Nova Scotia at the 2012 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships.

The Brown Team in the provincials showed with Paige Fougere, Steve Parfaitt and Terry Cousineau. After winning the provincials it was revealed that Paige Fougere was not able to attend nationals and the team added Debbie Earle to the team. Earle had played on the team defeated by Team Brown.

Similarly Team Brown picked up National Team Prospect Trendal Hubley-Bolivar to be their fifth. Hubley-Bolivar again played on the team they defeated in provincial competition. Last year Team Nova Scotia with Earle playing lead and Hubley-Bolivar playing second won the bronze medal at the National championships.

This year, Earle and Hubley-Bolivar played in the US Open in Utica on a team skipped by Laughie Rutt and playing with Keith Williams. They went 3-4 in Utica. This year's Team Nova Scotia will not have either skip Michael Fitzgerald or third Laughie Rutt who were present at the last four National Championships. (Submission by Laugie Rutt)

Trendal Hubley-Bolivar
And final Sweden is in Korea in prep for the World Wheelchair Curling Championships which begins at the end of the week. Coach and husband Thomas Wilhelm has been on his facebook sharing a few observations of what Sweden has been up to since arriving in Korea.

Checking out the the Metro

Skipper looks to be in good form! Good Luck my old Friend!
So that is what has happen over the weekend folks; let's see what you bring me this week and how Canada does starting on Friday! GO CANADA!

1 comment:

Bruce Cameron said...

Thanks for posting those photos on the canal.We endured about three hours of bone chilling temperatures. We were forced to terminate a couple of hours early due to lack of leg circulation and the fear of causing permanent damage. Most of those dropping by to try wheelchair curling were teenagers. Regardless of how many people dropped by or how long we were there, it was exposure to wheelchair curling. We already have our "oar in the water" for next year through the Canadian Paralympic Committee to get a spot on the canal from the National Capital Commission who run WINTERLUDE.