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Saturday, February 11, 2012


So this morning I woke to a wonderful comment about me and the blog:

“Question for Chris D. You don't post all comments, especially the ones you don't like or disagree with. Otherwise, why not post the comments about other prov. organizations that don't have play downs, not just Manitoba, unless you too are a MB hater. I was hoping for some change with this blog, but you too seem to be a MB hater just as Eric was. Too bad, it looks like I'll just stick to talking to the people who are actually involved in the sport to find out stuff and not rely on biased coverage. Sask. hasn't had play downs. What is so hard to post that?  Whatever. This will be the last comment I post.”
Ok Reader let me answer your question:

WHAT? Have you read the comments on here!

I have posted almost every comment sent in including the ones about me. When I started this blog in pursuit of continuing what Eric had started I made that statement that I would publish everything including comments about me if they were clean (no foul language) and not slanderous in nature.

There are rules more over LAWS which guide you in publishing on a public site. The BLOG controlled warning could be put up if I wanted but hey, who wants that. But if you want me to publish founl language and slanderous statements put your name to it so when I get sued , I can sue you!
And as for being a MB hater, I don't think so.! Fact is that I call Chris Sob., Dennis and the crew friends. What they do in the province is news and I report the news, trying to leave personal opinion out of it. What happens in MB is about MB what happens in Saskatchewan well NO one submits!

Why do I not report anything on other provinces? Come on…I reported on every other province out there that I could,  I report on everything! Everything I can find and everything that is submitted. I cannot call every province to find out or report on what they are doing. I have always said and continue to say SUBMIT the information and it will get printed! You help make this blog! If you don't submit or send in were to look I cannot print it.

I ask you to please sight were I have not printed a comment? I ask you to please tell me what story I did not print that I or the public KNEW about?

Please be fair in this because; and I can prove this; I go above and beyond the call of need to make sure people and players like you get the news and results; ALL the news and ALL the results and even ALL the comments even if they are about me.

I invite you to post more comments and submit stories because sir or miss I have no idea what you are talking about! At the very least explain what I have not posted or not published in much more detail!

I AM ASKING EVERYONE ONE THAT READS THIS BLOG....Please respond to this comment becuase I don't understand this one at all! Agree or disagree, it will get published no worries, please just try and keep it clean!


Anonymous said...

I sent to comments in yesterday about other provinces not having playdowns and another one for about the topic of you getting a consideration from team Canada. I believe they were fair comments, so why are you not posting them.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

I did not publish them because I NEVER received them.

If I had I would have published!

I invite you to resend them in or email them direct to me at wcblog2@chrisdaw.ca and they will be published.

NOTE: To all readers, things like this happen. The internet is not faultless! Sometimes if you don't see a comment just try sending it in a again or ask WHY! With the moderation that is needed if you don't put in the post correctly it NEVER makes it to me.

Trust my reader I have NO PROBLEM posting submission on other provinces people want to know and as for posting on Team Canada NO PROBLEM what so ever trust me.

I am sure your comments were fair, no doubt but if I don't get them I cannot publish. And from the fact that I have gotten 2 comments from you now it shows that something must have got wrong in the first set of submission.

I am sorry but I don't have control over comments that don't make it to us.

Jamie W. said...

To the reader questioning Chris and his publish or not publish....

I sent in comments about things including things about Chris. I thought he would not publish and for the first day or so it did not show up. Then I used my brain and said....

"Hey, maybe it did not go though"

So I sent it again. I mean come on...read a little and you can see for yourself he is publishing everything and hey even the other day when Doug Morris from Ottawa asked him to lose the anonymous thing he commented back about why he does that.

I think the blog is better than Eric's by far. He may not be as good as a writer as Eric but he even said that he wasn't so give me a break.

At least the guy is willing to stick his neck out and publish this blog. He is willing to allow us an ability to vent out points, post results, and by the looks of it he works hard for all of us so we can have this outlet.

Does the CCA or WCF provide this type of information or even results? NO! The CCA hides everything at least Chris is willing to dig deep and gets us the information.

Hey, people maybe we should finally support Chris in his efforts to make a difference for US! It looks like he finally has turned the corner, let's give me a chance!

I also noticed Chris you are asking for donations? Why? Becuase maybe it is costs something to do all this work! I for one am making a donation and I encourage everyone else to as well. God knows guys like him and Eric who provide this type of service to us deserve it! And YES folks this is a service and Chris is basically producing a dialy newspaper for us. Show some support for the efforts, the information and STOP the crap of why and if.

I think he has proved himself on this one anyways!

Anonymous said...

I agree to a certain extent with Jamie. I think Chris does do alot of work for us and I think he has proven himself on this one...up to this point!

The blog seems very professional but at times it seems like you are protecting people Chris. You let your personal opionin set in sometimes, and that is why I say ..up to this point.

The blog looks good, has good content, good information.

Keep up the hard work!

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

Dear Jamie W.

Thank you for your generous donation. Donations like your will allow us to get higher servers and perhaps even travel to an event.

Thank you!

Chris Daw

Denise Miault said...

I appreciate all you are doing Chris and applaud you for your efforts. I feel this is the place I come to when I want to know whats happening in wc curling in the world. Thank you.

Denise Miault

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

Your welcome Denise!

S. Matwichuk said...

The fact that Chris D. published an opinion that wasn't necessarily complimentary to Manitoba just shows he is unbiased and will publish opposing views what ever they may be. He's not asking everyone to agree with those opinions he's just putting them out there for us to comment on.

Manitoba's reputation was well earned by their past and obviously now present behavior. Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous is no doubt from Manitoba and probably I suspect on the Manitoba team since there isn't anyone else wheelchair curling in that province. Rather than attack Chris D. from behind a mask put your name to your comments like the rest of us and we'll have an open debate.

You don't see negative comments about Saskatchewan because their selection process has obviously been open to all and when they play they do so in a sportsmanlike fashion unlike Manitoba. What the rest of us observe about Manitoba is when an opposing team tries to form in that province it is dismantled by some rather underhanded and unscrupulous methods to ensure that the team being run by Chris S. and Dennis are never challenged. Just another example of the unsportsmanlike behavior like we've seen on the ice when Manitoba shows up to play.

Instead of always focusing on beating everyone around you, whether in just Manitoba or across Canada how about doing something to help promote this sport not just dominate over everyone by any method possible. Your provincial curling association is just as guilty as you are for not dealing with this and trying to get more people curling. Eric is right you guys want to win too badly that's why it isn't pleasant to be around you.

Laughie Rutt said...

I was saddened when Eric shut down his site. There were times that unidentified persons made statements that I considered harsh. That being said we must respect the wide range of opinions that exist. We are not obligated to take these views as our own but should recognize a person's right of viewpoint. It is disappointing that certain persons would not identify themselves. Often we will say things in emails and on blogs we would never say in person.

In the same vein a blog master might or might not decide to publish a comment for awide variety of reasons. That again is the right of the blog master. They are required to have a thick skin and not take anything personal. They have created the blog for open dialogue and not their opinions.

As for me, I rarely posted on Eric's blog and will likely rarely post on this blog. What is important is that we have a forum to discuss the sport we love, hate or are frustrated with. I am pleased Chris has taken up this challenge.

Yes, you can shoot the messenger in the case of blogs and even the blog master. It is far more interesting when I see the names of who is posting.

There are things right and wrong about our sport. These forums are the only way to get improvements on the table anywhere. It is not like there is any other forum of the front liners in the sport to advise CCA of where it wants the sport to go. Without Eric's blog and now Chris's blog we will have no medium and no information.

I have curled for ten years and never once curled Team Canada. I have curled a couple of the players twice. There are likely a lot of curlers like me. We should be focusing on recruiting new curlers and having our competitive curlers play the best possible competition. Shame on any of us that are in the sport for our own personal interests.

Keep going Chris! Have a thick skin! Keep your stick in the ice!

Laughie Rutt
Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the poster is complaining about with regards to the Saskatchewan program not being referred to on this site but there is an article only two spots down. Why is Saskatchewan being trashed by MB? What did they do wrong?

Anonymous said...

I think the point is that, Manitoba isn't the only province who hasn't had playdowns. It's okay to bash MB for not having playdowns, while other provinces like Sask. or Newfoundland haven't either. So if you are going to bash one province than the others should be treated the same. There hasn't been any changes to Sask or Newfoundland for a couple of years. Maybe Sask has one person changed, but Newfoundland hasn't had any for at least two year. So all you complainers that say MB has a monopoly of people controlling who plays, look around, because your distain for MB is getting old already. And since is winning so taboo. Why have Nationals, Worlds, and Olympics. Why don't we get mad a team Canada. Lord knows they haven't changed their team and to make it worse, they are winning. How terrible that is, no changes and they are winning. The beef with team Manitob and team Canada is getting old. Instead of complaining under fictious names get out their and practice and show a little respect for teams that work hard and achieve their goals.

Germain Tremblay said...

What can we do to help the evolution of our sport?
Certainly not by creating contreverses, Those that cause these contreverses should rather spend their energy transmiting their knowledge to the new curling players.Because I believe that  right now in the Canada, wheelchair curling is not growing, and maybe it is  going backwards.  Remember that when it does not advance, it means that it moves  bacwards ,  when other countries are moving forward. 
Excuse my English,  but I wanted to let people know what I think in the best way I could...

  "Nothing great is accomplished without PASSION".

this is a great sport and we should all get it moving forward.
Good luck to our National team in Korea...
Coach de l'équipe Québec
Germain Tremblay

Anonymous said...

Okay, regarding Chris D and his blog,

Here is an already not so new news flash.

Chris is WAY more objective in what he allows than Eric EVER WAS. If you were not in lock step with Eric's views, which needless to say at times flew in the face of public opinion, your comments were simply ignored in their entirety.

Many, many times I contacted Eric with a different view than his, and NEVER, NOT ONCE was it published.

Chris has been considerably more liberal, even publishing comments that are not particularly positive about him. AND good for you, Chris.

Regarding content.....Chris has provided WAY MORE curling stuff, even some that is not simply 100% wc curling.....wow, perhaps wc curling does not survive in a vacuum.

Regarding Manitoba....in the curling world, Manitoba has always been a hotbed, which leaves one to wonder why wc curling has not enjoyed the success that one has come to expect. So what is there to comment about? An obvious issue within the team, that everyone involved in our sport is aware of for years, and now it appears to have come to a head. Is that news? Damn rights....Chris S. was / is a member of Team Canada, and everyone pro and con, have an interest in Team Canads.

Good for you, Chris D, and keep at it...

Eric Eales said...

My posting policy, clearly and repeatedly stated, was that people afraid to own their opinions had no right to demand to be heard.

Anonymous said...

I have to agreee with the last post. Eric quit at the right time. His biased and distain for certain people and or teams was getting old. Most everything that he posted had his own slant on it. Your lack of respect to the 2011 National Champions, team Manitoba was shameful. You continued to fuel the negativity towards this province. You may not realize this but people change, just ask Chris D. Sour grapes Eric. This blog is alot of work and you are doing a good job Chris D. so pace your self and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Last year there was only around 7 new players to Nationals, so what are provincial teams and associations doing to expand the sport? This year there are more new teams but in most provinces it's the same people representing their provinces? How do you crack a line up in Newfoundland or BC where it is pretty much the same people. In BC it's not Cormack this year, but its people from the same lot from a few years ago. New to wheelchair curling it seems its hard to crack any of these old school lineups? BC is sending a new team, but its a team of recycled people, people that played on BC provincial teams in the past, not any new blood. Wheelchair curling seems to be a clickish sport across Canada with little willingness or effort to open the sport to new people. I think that is why we have such little change in provincial teams over the last few years. I also think growing the sport should not only be the responsibilty of provincial team members, but their associations.

Anonymous said...

The few vocal critics of Eric's blog had an opportunity to start their own website that countered what they feel was biased reporting at anytime but didn't back when Eric was running his site and still don't now. Why? Because it's a lot of work. There still is no alternative to Chris's site for those who don't like what they see here. Rather than criticism I think we should be saying thanks to Eric for providing the community a place where current information and an opportunity to express ones views was possible for many years and for starting something that never existed prior to his site. Let's not forget there wasn't any alternative and if you didn't like his site nothing was forcing you to go there in the first place. The same now goes for Chris's new site. Eric started something we all went to as the source for all information and now we've migrated to Chris's site.

Also to be critical of any association or team shouldn't be viewed as anything other than a person's opinion and they should be entitled to express that view whatever it may be. Likewise there is nothing stopping anyone from expressing praise for those same associations or teams by those who feel contrary to the criticisms.

Instead of attacking Eric and/or Chris or anyone else for that matter just express how you feel whether positive or negative and accept that others may not share your opinion and leave it at that. This shouldn't turn into a bloodsport for saying what you feel is correct.

Anonymous said...

Force Team Canada members to play in Provincials, BUT with only players that have not won a National Title.

It could be part of their contract with the CCA.

Within two years, there would have to be new blood in the Nationals, and they (Team Canada) could share some of their knowledge. Can you imagine having a week of strategy , for instance?

Or perhaps Team Canada and staff could put on a few mini-clinics during the Canadians? It could be tailored to the competitive end, rather than a "Give it a Go"mentality.

Bruce Cameron said...

It should be noted that Ontario has had FOUR different champions in the last FOUR years. There were six teams competing at provincials this year....two from the Capital Wheelchair Curling Club in Ottawa. A few years ago we recognized a problem with our weekly outings.The competitive curlers were using a separate sheet of ice to practice at the same time the recreational curlers were curling along side. This was driving a wedge between the competitive curlers and the rec curlers....not a good scenario. We had to fix that and we did. The competitive curlers now book ice and practice outside of our weekly outing. The competitive curlers also take part in our weekly outings with the rec curlers and are mixed individually on teams with the rec curlers. This concept has worked very well and our program has grown to the point we have 35 registered wheelchair curlers this season. If all curlers show up we have a problem....not enough ice....we solve that problem by having the competitive curlers "drop off" their assigned teams and then they move around assisting the rec curlers with their alignment, delivery and skipping. We now have a few rec curlers who want to and are ready to jump to the competitive level. They are aware of the "learning curve". I am also aware that what is successful for us might not work for other clubs. The exec at the Capital Wheelchair Curling Club do everything possible to make the experience of wheelchair curling as pleasant as possible for all skill levels.