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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet & Greet - Quebec & Ontario

After a day which saw these two teams go head to head we had a chance to chat with each, let's meet the teams.

Skip: Benoit Lessard

Third: Carl Marquis

Second: Sebastien Boisvert

Lead: Johanne Daly

Alternate: Denis Grenier

Coach: Germain Tremblay
In our video capture of the day we got to have 60 seconds with 2 members  here is what they had to say:

Skip - Mark Ideson
Third - Katie Paialunga
Second - Tony reynen
Lead- Shanon Wilcox
Coach - Ernie Comerford

This team curls out of my old club and I have had the opportunity to curl with all of them, their first time at the big show has made a few impression, let's hear what  Ontario had to say to us:

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