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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quebec lead - Johanne Daly to throw first stone at Canadian Masters

Johanne Daly

Quebec Lead - Johanne Daly with have the honour of throwing the first stone at the Canadian Masters Championships that will be held in our Province at the Boucherville Curling Club from March 26th to April 1st,  right after the opening ceremonies.  

The Boucherville Curling Club's president  stated:  "Many candidates were presented and  among those candidates,  her name was voted unanimously."    

Johanne is "I'm deeply touched by this announcement"

Yet another wheelchair curler making there mark on the AB game! Way to go Johanne, enjoy your moments!


Denise Miault said...

What a great choice! Johanne is perfect for this honor!

sweeneya said...

Joanne deserves it like no one else, indeed! I've recently moved to Quebec from Montreal and joined the club at once, I really love it here. I'm now working on a website dedicated to free pdf editor, attend the club,meet new people and feel that I'm back on track!