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Friday, March 23, 2012

Summary Draw 8 - Only a few questions remain....

All teams enjoyed the break which was extended by half an hour due to the length of the morning games and it was visibly obvious to anyone watching the competitors go to the ice for practice. The morning games did not disappoint the spectators but some of the players were not happy with the results.

On sheet A, both Manitoba and Nova Scotia struggled with the ice and went into the 4th end break tied. It took them two more ends before Nova Scotia ended the suspense by scoring a triple and edging Manitoba by one.

By continuing their solid play and putting many in the house, the team from The Rock forced the Host team into attempting difficult shots just to remain close. A triple in the 6th gave Newfoundland some breathing room and the team went on to get its first win.

Saskatchewan's draw weight was solid, consistent and gave British Columbia trouble all game. In the end, the team from the prairies ran their opponents out of rocks to take the win and remain near the top of the leader board.

Although they started slowly, Alberta continued their winning ways defeating Northern Ontario by scoring deuces in each of the last three ends.

In the game with the most on the line, the score for Ontario and Quebec seesawed back and forth. In the 6th end Ontario scored 3 and after stealing another in the 7th seemed to take control. However, Quebec was not about to quietly slide away so in the last end when Lessard threw a beautiful inside out hit on an ON rock just off the centre line to remove it he prevented the game going into an extra end.

The afternoon draw saw Quebec take their game against Northern Ontario in a back and forth seesaw affair. This win gave them a chance to move into a tie with the leader, Alberta; but Alberta was not about to let another team join them. Even though they had the hammer Manitoba could not take advantage of it. Because Alberta had two well protected rocks on the button the only option for Manitoba was a difficult angle raise take out. Knowing this was the only possible option to see an extra end and more great shots, the spectators eagerly awaited the delivery and held their breath until the attempt, after hitting its target, narrowly slipped by the opponent's rock allowing Alberta to escape with the win and remain the only team with one loss.

Early in their game, Ontario took control against the Host team and came away with the "W" which moved them back into contention for a playoff spot going into the final draw.

Rank Team  Win Losses Games Played Points For Points Againist
1 Alberta 7 1 8 64 24
2 Quebec 6 2 8 64 35
3 Saskatchewan 6 2 8 58 40
4 Ontario 5 3 8 65 41
5 Northern Ontario 4 4 8 53 50
6 Manitoba  4 4 8 47 45
7 British Columbia 3 5 8 46 47
8 Nova Scotia 3 5 8 36 62
9 Host 1 7 8 33 68
10 Newfoundland 1 7 8 22 69

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