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Friday, March 16, 2012

UPDATE: Article removed!

Ok...So since the news broke of the doping violation of Jim, I have seen maybe 30 articles from around the country all saying this and that about what has gone on. Most of these articles are based on of 2 pieces which first broke the news. The Al Cameron story in the Calgary Herald and our story  here at the Wheelchair curling blog 2. With that I have taken countless emails as to why I have not been posting all these articles on the website.

Emails like:

"...you should at least post the articles so we can get all the information from all the prespectives."

Well folks, you have all the information, nothing is being held back by us and prespective is what it is...What ever you the reader makes of it. But in all fairness I did post one of these articles (removed) It told nothing more than what we told you, in fact it is one of the more cruder stories I have seen posted, moreover the references and language we posted it and we made a bad choice. I want to be fair to all both the good articles and the bad ones. The circumstances are what they are and everyone will or does have an opinion, just read the comments but rememeber one  thing best said by a famous quote:

There is no such thing as public opinion.
There is only published opinion.

Winston Churchill


Ok, for those which think I have bad taste I have removed the article. I meant no harm in the posting. I simply wanted to show how screwed up the prespective was getting on the story. I had nor have no other reason for doing it. Jim is a friend of mine and I do support him in his efforts of appeal.

I guess I will aplogize for my choice of article publishing, I stand behind the comment above; public opion is what is published.

Any one anywhere can read the article just search the goolge news postings.


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? Is he all tongue in cheek, or trying to make a point?

He has no favour to anyone, throwing confusion on top of a stupid decision.

Anonymous said...


Of the thirty articles, you chose this clown?

What on earth are you thinking?

I thought I was back on Eales' site, hammering Armstrong

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

I picked the article to show how stupid this is getting. That the opinion of one or two is going to get twisted and I hope our readers will take the information we have provided in combination with the articles provided by the WCF and the CCA response to formulate something. Be it pro or con that is up to.

But the example of this ass is what is out there.

That is why I choose that article.

Hope that explains the why?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Good choice, Chris...last time I was this pissed with no taste was with Eric's no brain, personal vendetta saga.

Anonymous said...

This clown knows just enough to appear credible, and I would suggest a certain amount of this readership are very easily led.

You, through him, are linking Ramirez to Armstrong's plight.

Your choice is only second in stupidity to the WADA decision itself.

Wheelchair Blog 2 said...

The article has been removed. Our apologies!

Anonymous said...

At least the writer, Barry Petchesky, sounded like he had read the 14 page decision....and yes, part of what he was saying was "tongue-in-cheek".

Anonymous said...

Chris...keep doing what you are doing. You are not always going to have fans of what you post or what articles you link to.

You are doing us a service by trying. Maybe your choice was not the greatest example to some becuase it did not show the better side of the fence. You showed an example of what is being posted and I for one commend NOT condemn you on it.

Not only that but you also have the guts to 1. Post the negative about you on this blog which you could easily not do. But 2. Put your hand up and admit you made the mistake or better yet could have made a mistake on this one.

Keep the hard work up and keep making the hard choice...people we will only appreciate what you are and have done when it is not there for them to slander and pick apart.

I think you are doing us a great service.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above. You will never make everyone happy on here.

I was not a fan of you in the past but think you have shown a different side in the last year or 2. I don't think you will get people agreeing on everything and you where only trying to show a different side to the story. One which was a "little tongue and cheek"

Ligthen up people!

I think a few people have been a little hard on you. I don't think you were doing anyone a disservice nor were you trying to pick on Jim for what he has done.

I actually think you have a better relationship with Jim then what you or anyone knows.

If people would listen to what you are tyring to say and give you a chance they might like you. Maybe the CCA should ligthen up as well.

The only guy who has shown a repsonse fromt he CCA is you. Show me where on the CCA website they post the response you showed?

I know I have changed my prespective of who I though Chris Daw was.

F____ those which can't take it for what you where trying to do.

I got it!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you'll never make everybody happy. I'm glad you posted Barry's article...he may have been crude, but he nailed it. As an earlier poster said, it sounds like he had read the 14 page decision and he wrote in response. Outside of our little community this is what other people think. If we didn't know Jim,weren't in the wheelchair curling community,and we read that article, how would we preceive it?!

practice typing test said...

Thanks for inserting Churchills' quote, I consider you have added it to the right place. He's one of the best people to quote for sure. The article itself was very interesting too, thanks a bunch for this one.

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Great post!
By the way, I love Winston Churchill's words, he was a wise man. There is even a whole book containing his famous quotations.