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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picture from Japan

As reported we know that Japan is playing a seris of exhibition games over the next month against Korea in order to prep for Quailifers in Finland.

Japan needs to get into the top 2 in order to have a hope of making it to Worlds in Russia. Japan will have no easy street in doing it as this year above all others and for the first time in wheelchair curling history we see the most incredible line up at worlds all of which have been to the Worlds at least once before other than new comers Turkey.

Czech Republic (World Apperances)
Denmark (Silver at Worlds & 2006 Paralympics)
Finland  (5 World Quailfer Appearances)
Germany (  World Apperances &  2010 Paralympics
Italy  (World apperances & 2006 & 2010 Paralympics)
Japan (World Apperances & 2010 Paralympics)
Latvia    (2 Qualifer apperances)
Norway (2 time World Champions & 2006, 2010 Paralympics)
Poland  (World Apperance & 3 Qualifer apperances)
Switzerland ( 1 time World Champions & 2006, 2010 Paralympics)  

Good Luck to all!

Japan vs Korea Exhibition!

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