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Monday, October 22, 2012

Results - Kinross Wheelchair Curling International 2012

Kinross Wheelchair Curling International 2012

 Submitted by Archie & Alice Bogie

Eight teams entered the Kinross Wheelchair Curling International this year . Switzerland, Norway, Scotland  1 and 2 ,  Russia ,  Latvia , and  delighted to see two new teams making the trip this year from Italy and Finland.  They soon settled down to produce some excellent curling and close games throughout the two sections with Finland who got off to a slow start in section A putting in a fine performance  to finish the section on 3 points. All the teams in section A were tied on 3 points therefore it would go down to ends to determine the qualifiers.  Switzerland  scored  11 ends to win the section and Finland was runner up  with 10 ends scored.

In section B it was close as well but Scotland 2 came out winners of the section on 5 points and Norway battled hard through the section to eventually take second place on 4 points.

The semi finals would be contested by

First Semi             Switzerland   V Norway

Second Semi        Scotland 2   V   Finland

The two semi finals were contested hard with some excellent curling and shot making and no one looking like running away with the games which  would go right to the last ends with Norway coming out on top over Switzerland 5 to 4 and in the other semi final Finland put up a great performance  to eventually secure their place in the final with a 7 to 6 win over Scotland 2.

The Final would be an all Scandinavian affair with our first time visitors Finland  V  Norway

The ¾ play off would be contested by Scotland 2 V Switzerland

In the final, the actual game was much closer than the score would suggest in that Finland played well but just did not get some of the breaks that they deserved and were chasing the game all the time which  made life very difficult against the very experienced and powerful Norway team who did not get it all their own way but put in a fine performance to contain Finland and eventually came out winners 6 to 0.

In the ¾ play off it too was a hard fought game with no one giving anything away with Switzerland taking the 3rd place spot with a win over Scotland 2  6 to 4.

Two tremendous games for the spectators and a credit to the sport of wheelchair curling.

The Kinross Wheelchair Curling International organising committee would like to thank all the teams that competed at the event for coming and making it a very successful competition.

Thanks must also go to the Green Hotel and  the bar staff in the ice rink for looking after our visitors all week. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on and off the ice all week  and to Dor Borthwick , Alistair McCabe and Marion Malcolm for umpiring the event .  Thanks to Councillor  Ellis of Perth and Kinross for  providing a reception for the competitors and presenting the prizes at the closing dinner.

It would not be possible to hold such an event without the ice conditions to allow these athletes to produce the form that they strive to achieve and a big thank you must go to Steven Kerr and his ice staff who continually produce ice of an extremely high standard which makes the competition such a popular and successful venue on the world circuit.

Finally we must thank all our sponsors for their support and especially to Brian Martin Ailsa Craig Jewellery for donating the beautiful prizes and for his personal support of the event

Pictures attached

1st Norway -  L/R    -    Sissel Loechen , Per Fagerhoei, Rune Lorentsen, Jostein Stordahl                                                   ( behind   -   Counciller Ellis,  Perth and Kinross)


2nd Finland  L/R   -  Vesa  Hellman, Tuomo Aarnikka, Sari Karjalainen, Markku Karjalainen.

( behind  - Councillor Ellis, Perth and Kinross)


3rd Switzerland  L/R  -  Felix Wagner, Ivo Hasler, Claudia Huttenmoser, Eric Decorvet, Anton Kehrli.

(behind -  Councillor Ellis, Perth and Kinross)

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