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Monday, November 19, 2012

to end or not to end.....you decide.

The final decision is yours.

Over the last year I think we have worked hard to provide a foundation of information for our readers. The time, energy and money I have spent on this blog has be a joy until recent.

No under some hard soul searching I have new opportunites whihc do tak much of my time. Be that said curling is still a passion of mine. Regardless of my level of involvement it is still a passion.

I don't need to publish this blog but wanted the opportunity to continue to provide to a sport I love.

But now we leave it in your hands. One final time we are polling out to our readers a simple question.

Should we continue the blog or not?

Yes or No is all we ask.

 If Yes is the answer then we move forward on to providing even bigger and better coverage of events. Live web casting and so on. We are willing to invest!

If no, we shall post a final good bye and do what most want...have us, more over me fade to black.

So you decide.

Leave a comment, vote let your voice be heard.........


Anonymous said...

Yes...carry on, is my vote!

carl Marquis said...

Keep going Chris ..it's so important to have a window open globaly on the wheelchair curling.

It's not easy every day to talk about wheelchair curling, updates, results, curlers news or find good Bonspiel ...Your presence on the web is essential....communications is always a big piece on success stories ....keep it Curl that blog Chris and every one too...be part of the next story :-)
Carl Marquis :-) (team Quebec)

Doug Morris said...

Hi Chris,

I agree with Carl and Anonymous. We really need this and appreciate the work that you do on it. I, for one, check it several times per day to see if there are any updates or comments.

Please keep up the good work and we'll see you at the Cathy Kerr next week in Ottawa.



Jalle said...

Hi Chris,

We check out your site all the time. This is the only real window for whc, and its great. It helps to keep the interest up, and is the best way for us to see that there are other players out there.

You really make a difference. Keep it up !!! :)

regards from
Jalle in Sweden

wayne f said...


wayne f

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the assholes who vote no when the cost to all of us is nothing.

Why would we not support something or someone like this?

Does he ask for anything from us? Maybe a little donation to cover cost, but more over support! Support in knowing what he is doing for FREE is not going unnoticed.

Chris, keep it going and ingore the assholes who vote no.

And by the way Eric, who gives a shit if Chris does not give "attribution" to re posted articles directly. Does your jealous little head once again pop up.

Get over your self!

Anonymous said...

To the earlier posting:

Don't forget that Eric also did this "FREE OF CHARGE" for many years prior to Chris. He is entitled to his personal opinions as is Chris and the rest of us who write in. Although I totally agree with you on the "No Voters," I think your statement regarding Eric is harsh and unwarranted. I'm not sure why you have such a dislike on for him but I think you should show a little respect as he has done a lot for the sport of wheelchair curling. Eric is the one that began providing us with up-to-date information. Without wheelchaircurling.com as a precendent, it is unlikely that Chris would have thought to start this blog on his own and we would have nothing today.

Anonymous said...

The writer above leave out a number of facts including the often personal opinion that Eric stated and his singular personal veiws on the sport.

At least Chris does not state his personal opinion, I would hate to see what comes out of his mouth should that ever happen.

George H said...

I for one would miss reading the blog, so keep it going.
As to Eric I for one would like to thank him for his starting a good thing, even at times his personal opinions were expressed that is his right as all of ours, whether we agree or not is up to us.
Chris we have meet several times and I always found you informative and willing to listen. From the first time in Wpg. to the last time in ThunderBay, I consider you as a friend, for curling is a sport where we compete and leave the ice friends, curling is noted for the friendliest sport. Shake hands to start and to finish.
Your Friend George in Nova Scotia now.

Anonymous said...

Writer's perogative!

Eric was providing a free service to benefit all of us. If he stated his personal opinions on the sport at times, so what? You could choose to take it or leave it. If anything, it made you think and you could choose to agree or disagree with his views.

One of the things Chris does is to plug himself whenever the opportunity arises but I wouldn't deny him that. Writer's perogative! Chris does this free of charge and on his own time for the love of the sport and it helps us all.

It's never going to be perfect but there's no need to bash someone for providing a free service to help everyone involved. Take what you want and leave the rest.

For all the Eric bashers out there, I'd sure like to know what the hell you've done for the benefit of the sport besides whine about all the hard work he's done, on his own time and cost, to benefit you!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the people that are voting 'no' to this site, or are bashing this site, are even visiting it. None of us who support it need to hear it...really.