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Saturday, January 26, 2013

BC Playdowns under way - Cormack over Austgarden in draw 1

Authored by Vincent Miele

In game 1 Cormack defeated  Ausgarden 10 - 7 . Gerry was allowed by the CCA to play with 3 when his lead and spare did not attend. After 7 ends the game was tied

7-7. In the 8th, Sonja made a double raise takeout of an opposing stone to sit as shot rock. FRANK TRIED AN ANGLE TAKEOUT OF A STONE ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE BUT WENT JUST PAST. Then Gerry threw a guard preventing access to the shot rock.

With Cormacks first stone he removed the guard opening up access to the house. With Gerry's last stone he attempted to replace the guard but the stone ovcurled leaving the opportunity for Cormack to have access for an angle raise takeout to the shot stone.

A timeout was taken to discuss the options and the ice required. After a short discussion it was decided that that was the shot to be made. The shot was made to score 3 and win the game.

Team Rosters

  • Austgarden -

    • Skip: Gerry Austgarden
    • Third: Sonja Gaudet
    • Second: Mark Peeren
    • Lead: Pat Ryan - No show
    • Fifth: Brandon Perger - No show
    • Coach: -

  • Cormack -

    • Skip: Gary Cormack
    • Third: Frank LaBounty
    • Second: Vince Miele
    • Lead: Allison Duddy
    • Fifth: -
    • Coach: -

  • Green -

    • Skip: Rich Green
    • Third: Bob MacDonald
    • Second: Ellis Tull
    • Lead: Corinne Jensen
    • Fifth: Sam Siu
    • Coach:

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