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Sunday, January 27, 2013

CORMACK WINS! Cormack vs. Green in BC Playdowns final! - Completed

It what was a bot of a surprise this afternoon saw Rich Green and his team take on Gary Cormack and his team in the BC finals.

A delay in game start!
4th end Cormack is light by approx 3 feet on his draw against 4;
5th end Green is heavy and wide on his final shot Cormack draws for 5, we are tied up

7th end Green over curls on his first rock leaves Cormack sitting 3; cormack puts on a guard, Green hits and sticks to cut them to 1,

Cormack is 2 up without

The 8th end Green has the opportuinty to draw or to hit and stick for 2, opps for the hit and is a little wide and heavy, only gets one. Great curling everyone!

Skip: Gary Cormack
  • Third: Frank LaBounty
  • Second: Vince Miele
  • Lead: Allison Duddy

  • Congratulations Team Cormack 2013 BC Champs

    Sunday, January 27th, 2013

    Draw 5 - 2:00pm
    Game: 5-1 | Event: FIN
    SHEET 1H1234567891011TOTAL


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