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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cormack wins against Green and advances to final - UPDATED


Sorry folks we had our information wrong on this one. Gary Cormack and his rink does advance to the final but who they play is yet to be determined. Our apologies to the Green rink!

Based on the 2 wins by Cormack he advances directly to the final however this morning the Ausgradern and Green rink shall play to determine who gets the chance to face him.

Stay tuned for updates!

In the other provinical championship happening this weekend We saw Gary Cormack and his crew beat Gerry Austgarden yesterday in the opening game of the BC playdowns. Well, he keep that winning way today taking on Rich Green.

Things get messy up front, and Cormack stole 5 in the 5th; Cormack keeps it simply throughout the last 3 ends. Making it  hard for Green to generate an offense winning 12-6

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Draw 2 - 9:30am
Game: 2-1 | Event: RR
SHEET 1H1234567891011TOTAL
Photo by Vincent Miele


We had hoped to bring you the results of the Austgarden and Green game which took place this afternoon. Gerry Austgarden beats Rich Green with ease 9-2 to advance against Cormack!
Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Draw 3 - 2:00pm
Game: 3-1 | Event: RR
SHEET 1H1234567891011TOTAL

We know that the 2 wins advanced Cormack directly to the final tomorrow at 2pm (PST)


Anonymous said...

So what happens if Austgarden wins the provincials? Do they go to the Nationals with 3 players?

Anonymous said...

Precedent was set last year when the OCA did the same thing in Ontario Provincals. What an absolute joke! You would default out of Worlds if that happened there. Just goes to show that the CCA is so up their own *ss that rules are applied when it suits them and not equally to all. I CALL BULL****!