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Friday, February 1, 2013

Team Quebec Named - Happy Birthday to the Boss, Chris Daw

Due to a lack of players at Quebec city Victoria's curling club, there won't be any provincials in Quebec this year. Team Lessard (Shown Above) will therefore be the provincial team to represent QC to nationals, for a 5 th consecutive year.

We would also like to extend a BIG Happy Birthday wish out to our owner and publisher Chris DAW
today as it is his birthday, Happy Birthday Boss!

(Chirs is shown on the right with long time friends Jacques Martin and Jim Armstrong)

Thank god these 3 never threw stone togehter, the 3 biggest guys to ever play the game!


Anonymous said...

Too bad, another province with no provincials. Does Newfoundland even have a playdown? I don't think so. Very sad, considering wheelchair curling is such a great sport.

Carl Marquis said...

Happy B'day Chris
Will never forget that memory picture
Jim + Jaques Martin + Chris

Have fun like he was always said...from Jacques Martin

Carl Marquis :-)