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Friday, April 19, 2013


The question may be phrased, “Is what we’re doing worth it?” or “Does anybody appreciate what we’re doing?” or “Why do we continue to do this if it doesn’t matter to anyone?”  "Why have there not been any updates since Nationals?"

In whatever manner the question is posed and whether it is asked of yourself or someone else, the response is important.

You may be wondering why we are writing this piece.

Every so often,( as of late; more often than not)  a negative individual or someone who does not have the best intentions toward Wheelchair (WC) Curling makes comments or remarks which cause us to ask ourselves – “Is it worth it?”  My usual response is – “Yes, for the game and for those who play it”.

For several years now, we have attempted to bring you information about WC curling in Canada and from around the world.  We have neither limited our information to or about Canadians; nor have we limited it to or about high performance teams, individuals or events.  Although it may seem as though you have only read about the upper levels of the sport, this information has been about and for everyone from the grass roots curler to the high performance curler.  A WC curler can be found almost anywhere in the world and we hope that what is printed in this ONE place, in the blog,            < http://wheelchaircurler.blogspot.ca/ > is of interest to everyone WC or able bodied who takes the time to read it.

We print five or six original articles on various topics or events each year and we use information that is either sent voluntarily to us directly or which we glean indirectly from recognized sources.  This information is then published in one location so that anybody who has an interest in WC curling can easily find it.  That is why you should have the above web address (URL) bookmarked as a favourite.  Maybe it is already one of your favourites.  In all cases, except perhaps for articles written personally by the owner of this site, the author or source of the items is acknowledged and the item is dated.  We hope the information posted on this site will aid the development of the game not only in the areas where it is already strong but throughout the world.

As you might expect, there is a cost associated with maintaining the website.  NO, this is not a request for donations.  Annually and occasionally throughout the year the cost is monetary; but, on a daily or weekly basis it is more a cost of our time than anything else.  We do this because of our commitment and passion for the game.  I’m sure you have the same commitment and passion. During this past Nationals in Ottawa we feel we grew the sport by miles. We had over 150,000 NEW viewers world wide watched the games from our blog and yet the questions arise as to why we are not at the level of the Olympics or TSN. We spent over $15,000 of our own money in order to make sure the coverage was to a level that at the very least was acceptable. Did we receive funding or major dollars in sponsorship???? NOPE! we did it on our own. The ads at the start of each broadcast or during the broadcast are those of the software supplier; we had absolutely NO control over their content or timing! ! In order to get rid of those it would have been another $12,000. Why did we do it? We do we try?

Why did we do it?  Why do we try?  That is what we are asking ourselves now.  We have received over 80 "complaint" emails about the coverage or why we are asking for monetary support?  You now know why!  We did it because we love the sport and wanted to present the best possible product to you for your enjoyment too."

 To those who have submitted information or photos about events or sent your comments, ideas, suggestions or simply a line or two of support – THANK YOU.  Without your involvement we would be working in a void.

Now we ask you – “Is it worth it?”  "Can you the reader afford not to have us?"

Let us know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

It iS worth the time and trouble, and I believe it is appreciated. Without this site, there would be no even partially cohesive coverage of the sport.

Eric did a great job, spending more time on it, since he, obviously had the time. Unfortunately, his own beliefs and attitudes tainted the entire site.

Chris is more open minded, and tends to carry the facts better, rather than attitude.


My bet is that there will be NO COVERAGE in Sochi, other than the Russian feed we had this year.

Anonymous said...

Cris, Morgan and Travor:

Yes, you should continue to do this! Without your coverage the coverage of w/c curling would be minimal. It was very enjoyable to be able to watch the nationals from the comfort of your home and commentary by someone who knows the game! Yes,yes, yes please continue to do what you do! Your blog is a site that I go to daily!Linda Kontunen, Thunder Bay.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is a good forum to share curling news. I did not however like how peoples personal agendas such as negative opinions directed at teams or at people's character were printed/posted. It is one thing to give constructive criticism about a team or person, but it is another thing to post nasty personal jibes or opinions about someone by anonymous people. I did not see the value in repeating such gossip or slander. I would prefer if the blog stuck to reporting the news of curling. This blog should not be a place for people to voice their hatred or dislike of others, it lessens the integrity of the blog. Just my opinion. Otherwise I find it a great place to stay updated on wheelchair curling news. Thank you.