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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Richmond to host 2015 BC Wheelchair Curling Championship


Richmond to host 2015 BC Wheelchair Curling Championship
By rconnopprice
One of the top training sites for the national wheelchair curling team will host the 2015 BC Wheelchair Curling Championship.

The Richmond Curling Club will host the top wheelchair curlers in BC from January 16-18, 2015.
The club is no stranger to the adapted sport, having been the long-time host of the Canadian Open, an international wheelchair curling bonspiel, as well as one of the Paralympic wheelchair curling team’s favoured training centres. It is also the home club for several high-profile wheelchair athletes, including 2010 Paralympic gold medalist Darryl Neighbour and 2013 BC champion Gary Cormack.
Doug Bradley, Manager of Richmond Curling Club, said he always looks forward to hosting wheelchair curling events.

“We hosted the first national curling championship five years ago and the sport has really evolved since then. The rules have changed a bit and they have improved the equipment they use,” he said.
“For the most part, it’s not quite the same as an able bodied event. It’s a much smaller community who wheelchair curl, so they all know each other and they’re all very positive.”

The winner of the 2015 BC Wheelchair Curling Championship will travel to Quebec in April 2015 for the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship.

From November 20 to 23, 2014, the Richmond Curling Club will host the 8th annual wheelchair curling bonspiel – the 2014 Canadian Open.

The event, organized by the Richmond Centre for Disability, hosts between six and eight teams every year, including teams from the USA and Scotland.

Visit http://www.richmondcurling.com/ for more information on the club.

About Richmond Curling Club

Richmond Curling Club is an eight-sheet facility located on Hollybridge Road in Richmond, near Vancouver Airport. It is a vibrant, busy club with competitive league curling, a junior program and great volunteer support. The club is home to the popular Big Rock Café.

About Curl BC

Curl BC is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the development, promotion and organization of curling in British Columbia. Curl BC is also responsible for the championship system that declares provincial representation at National events. In cooperation with its Members, Curl BC provides services to both competitive and recreational curlers, including a variety of adaptive groups.
Source: http://www.curlbc.ca/richmond-to-host-2015-bc-wheelchair-curling-championship/

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