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Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Cathy Kerr Roundrobin Results

2014 Cathy Kerr Roundrobin Results

Pool ATeam #A1A2A3A4W/LFinal Ranking
Team Canada (Armstrong)A1X W W
Team Peterborough (Rees)A2X L W
Team Ottawa 1 (Joseph)A3 L WX
Team Victoria CC (Brunet)A4 L LX

Pool BTeam #B1B2B3B4W/LFinal Ranking
Team Russia (Smirnov)B1X W W
Team NFLD/Labarador (MacDonald)B2X L W
Team Kenora (Ficek)B3 L WX
Team Ottawa 2 (Eddy)B4 L LX

Pool CTeam #C1C2C3C4W/LFinal Ranking
Team Scotland (Neilson)C1X W
Team Saskatchewan (Bender)C2X W
Team Ilderton (Reynen)C3 LX
Team Lennoxville (TBA)C4 LX

Pool DTeam #D1D2D3D4W/LFinal Ranking
Team Manitoba (Wherett)D1X W
Team Quebec (Lessard)D2X W
Team Toronto (Petrie)D3 LX
Team Nova Scotia (Hubley-Bolivar)D4 LX


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