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Monday, November 24, 2014

9th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair BonspielDecember 5-7, 2014

The Utica Curling Club

9th Annual U.S. Open International Wheelchair Bonspiel

December 5-7, 2014


USA #1

Patrick McDonald

Steve Emt

James Joseph

Penny Greely

Coach: Steve Brown

USA #2

Meghan Lino

Tim Kelly

Pam Wilson

Justin Marhsall

Coach: Steve Brown

USA #3

Bob Prenoveau

Mark Taylor

Matt Berwick

Russian Alternate

USA #4

Kirk Black

Brad Carlson

Kevin Patton

Ted Beriau

USA Veterans

Terry Hannigan

Rene Peterson

Jeanne Goldy-Sanitate

Adrianne McIntyre

Ottawa #1

Collinda Joseph

Doug Morris

Jon Thurston

Ross Nicholson

Coach: Carl Rennick

Ottawa #2

Jamie Eddy

Katie Paialunga

Megan Turpin

Christine Lavallee


Dong-Sik Lee

Bong-Kwang Nam

Jae-Seon Yun

Min-Kyong Cho

Tae-Yeong Jeong

Coach: Kwon-Il Park

Maritime Ontario

Michael Fitzgerald

Carl Bax

Joanna Bos

Laughie Rutt


Benoit Lessard

Carl Marquis

Johanne Daly

Dean Rogers

Coach: Germain Tremblay


Andrey Smirnov

Alexander Shevchenko

Marat Romanov

Oxana Slesarenko

Svetlana Pakhomova

Konstantin Kurokhtin

Coach: Anton Batugin


George Eldridge

Carl Hennum

Jodie Fisher

Shauna Petrie

Coach: Dave Long


Aileen Neilson

Gregor Ewan

Robert McPherson

Jim Gault

Angie Malone

Coach: Tony Zummack

Nova Scotia

Trendal Hubley-Bolivar

Terry Cousineau

Keith Williams

Debbie Morgan

Pool A                         Pool B

Maritime Ontario        Ottawa #1

Nova Scotia                Quebec

Ottawa #2                   Russia

Scotland                      Toronto          

USA #1                       USA #2

USA #4                       USA #3

Korea                          USA Veterans


Sheet numbers are in parentheses

Teams listed first in each draw will use dark (red) handles

Teams listed second in each draw have Hammer for first end

Coin flip will determine Hammer for first game


8:00 a.m.                     USA #1 vs. USA #3 (2)                      Quebec vs. USA #2 (1)          

                                    Maritime Ontario vs. Scotland (3)      USA Veterans vs. Toronto (5)

                                    Korea vs. Ottawa #2 (4)                     Ottawa #1 vs. Russia (6)        

                                    BYE  Nova Scotia                              BYE  USA #4

11:15 a.m.                   Scotland vs. USA #1 (4)                     USA #4 vs. Quebec (6)

                                    USA #3 vs. Korea (3)                         Russia vs. USA #2 (5)                                   

Nova Scotia vs. Maritime Ontario (1) Toronto vs. Ottawa #1 (2)

BYE  Ottawa #2                                 BYE  USA Veterans
1:30 p.m.                     Lunch

2:15 p.m.                     USA #3 vs. Scotland (1)                     Russia vs. Toronto (3)

                                    USA #1 vs. Korea (5)                         USA Veterans vs. USA #4 (2)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. Nova Scotia (6)           USA #2 vs. Ottawa #1 (4)

BYE  Maritime Ontario                      BYE Quebec

8:00 a.m.                     Nova Scotia vs. USA #1 (3)               Ottawa #1 vs. USA Veterans (6)

                                    Korea vs. Maritime Ontario (2)           Quebec vs. Toronto (4)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. USA #3 (5)                  USA #2 vs. USA #4 (1)

                                    BYE Scotland                                     BYE Russia

11:15 a.m.                   Maritime Ontario vs. USA #1 (6)       Ottawa #1 vs. USA #4 (5)

                                    Scotland vs. Ottawa #2 (2)                 Quebec vs. Russia (1)

                                    Nova Scotia vs. Korea (4)                   USA #2 vs. USA Veterans (3)

                                    BYE  USA 3                                       BYE  Toronto

1:30 p.m.                     Lunch

 2:45 p.m.                     Korea vs. Scotland (5)                        Toronto vs. USA #4 (1)

                                    USA #3 vs. Nova Scotia (6)               Quebec vs. Ottawa #1 (2)

                                    Ottawa #2 vs. Maritime Ontario (3)   Russia vs. USA Veterans (4)

                                    BYE USA #1                                      BYE USA #2

5:30 p.m.                     Dinner


7:45 a.m.                     USA #1 vs. Ottawa #2 (1)                  USA #4 vs. Russia (3)

                                    Maritime Ontario vs. USA #3 (4)       Toronto vs. USA #2 (6)

                                    Scotland vs. Nova Scotia (2)              USA Veterans vs. Quebec (5)

                                    BYE  Korea                                        BYE  Ottawa #1
11:15 a.m.                   Finals

                                    Gold Medal Game (3)

                                    Bronze Medal Game (4)

                                    #5 vs. #6 (2)

                                    #7 vs. #8 (5)

                                    #9 vs. #10 (1)

                                    #11 vs. #12 (6)

1:45 p.m.                     Lunch

2:15 p.m.                     Awards


The timing for all games will be 1 hour 50 minutes when a bell will be sounded. You will finish the end being played. If the previous end has been completed, the score agreed and the first stone of the next end is placed in position to be delivered you will play that end as the final end.  There are no time clocks being used but you are expected to play quickly and without undue delay.

Win = 2 points

Tie = 1 point (no extra ends)

Loss = 0 points

 Teams tied after the completion of the round robin and semi-finals will have their position in the standings decided as follows:

1st - By head to head game results.  If three teams are tied, and if one team

        defeated both of the other two, they would be first

2nd - Number of ends scored. A blank end counts as half an end for each team

3rd - Total points scored

4th – Coin flip

 Teams ranked 13th and 14th after the round robin do not qualify for the Final ranking games.

Past Results

2006                2007                            2008                    2009                   2010

Gold-USA #1 Gold-Great Britain      Gold-USA#1      Gold-USA #1     Gold-USA #1

Silver-Norway             Silver-Ottawa      Silver-Ottawa     Silver-USA #2

                        Bronze-USA #1          Bronze-Bradford Bronze-USA #2 Bronze-Bradford

 2011                            2012                            2013

Gold-Quebec              Gold-Quebec              Gold-Scotland

Silver-Ottawa              Silver-Korea                Silver-Russia

Bronze-Bradford        Bronze-Scotland         Bronze-USA


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