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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daw recovering from cancer surgery - expected to make full recovery

On the wind of coverage of the World wheelchair curling championships the wheelchair curling blog 2 is happy to announce the owner and former team Canada skip - Chris Daw is recovering at home from his recent cancer surgery.

Daw was diagnosed in October with 2 forms of aggressive cancer; Daw's surgery was completed in December and although some complications did occur Daw is now at home recovering.

Daw is expected to make a full recovery with in 12 weeks. Chris has asked that we thank all the supporters and readers of the Curling blog 2 for the kind support during this difficult time.

Chris will be over seeing the coverage of provincials, Worlds and we hope will be recovered in time for our annual coverage of the National Championships.

We apologize to our readers for the short delays in reporting but we are back on track at this time and hope to provide coverage of these and all other events throughout the year.

Please send along your stories, local or international and we shall post of all.

REMEMBER; you help report this sport!  

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