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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Levesque wins NOCA title

Team Levesque

We have a NEW champion in the North - Car Levesque and his team have captured the NOCA provinical title. In what was deemed a close battle which was reflected in the score; Carl Levesque need to get with in 1 or at least tie in the 7th to have a shot for the title.

In the 7th he does just that taking 2 to tie 5 -5 against Prudhome.

Then in the 8th his team need to collect themselves and preapare to steal their way to the title. In a style of a champion he did just that, stealling 2 in the 8th to capture the NOCA Wheelchair title for the first time.

Now, Team Levesque faces the next challenge....The National Championships in Thuderbay were they will face the elite this country has to offer including 7 time provinical champions Team Yizek.

Good Luck Carl and crew, enjoy the journey you have started!

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