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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After Draw 5 - 2014 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship



2014 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship

Montreal, Quebec
Draw 05
Wednesday, April 30th - 3:00 PM (EASTERN)
 Draw 0512345678910Total
*British Columbia (Neighbour)1100200XXX4
Newfoundland & Labrador (MacDonald)0031031XXX8
 Draw 0512345678910Total
*Ontario (Munro)2024200XXX10
Alberta (Smart)0200010XXX3
 Draw 0512345678910Total
*Northern Ontario (Sonego)002110100X5
Quebec (Lessard)120001012X7
 Draw 0512345678910Total
Nova Scotia (Horning)0011001XXX3
*Saskatchewan (Bender)3100310XXX8
 Draw 0512345678910Total
New Brunswick (Fitzgerald)04200100XX7
*Manitoba (Thiessen)20013022XX10

Round Robin Standings
Ontario (Munro)50
Quebec (Lessard)41
Saskatchewan (Bender)32
British Columbia (Neighbour)32
Alberta (Smart)23
Nova Scotia (Horning)23
Newfoundland & Labrador ...23
Northern Ontario (Sonego)23
Manitoba (Thiessen)23
New Brunswick (Fitzgerald)0

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